Syrian parliament condemns Israel’s ‘war of annihilation’

During the period since Israel launched its latest assault on Gaza, more than 300 people have been killed in Syria, mostly by the Syrian government, mostly by barrel bombs. The Syrian parliament, nevertheless felt that it was important to go on the record, denouncing the Israeli operation:

The People’s Assembly expressed on Saturday a vehement condemnation of Israel’s brutal aggression it has unleashed against the besieged Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip over the past days.

The Assembly dismissed in a statement on Saturday the aggression as “a war of annihilation” that demands international prosecution for the Israeli enemy’s authorities and all their supporters.

Likewise, Syria’s closest military ally, Iran, is deeply troubled about the plight of Palestinians in Gaza (Palestinians in Syria, not so much):

Iran Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani has condemned the silence of international organizations on the Israeli regime’s ruthless massacre of Palestinians.

In separate telephone conversations with his Emirati, Pakistani and Syrian counterparts on Tuesday, Larijani highlighted the Muslim leaders’ responsibility in preventing the criminal Zionist regime’s ruthless actions and the carnage of Gazans.

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