One thought on “Controlling the capital of the Syrian revolution: Ghosts of Aleppo (parts 1&2)

  1. DE Teodoru

    NFL players’ wives and children bashing slowly giving way to shift of news to Obama’s “WAR ON SUNNI ARABS THAT OUR OIL RIGS DON’T LIKE.” Ukraine and Iraq show that once again America is a sideline bully. We pretend that we are responding to inhumanity but in reality we are responding to partisan political opportunities (meaning we respond as contending interest groups rather than a united nation) so that much of what we do seems absurd and illogical to anyone not in on the scheming.

    All that happened in Syria and Iraq is part of the Saudi campaign to take back what the US gave the the Shias. ISIS is not one group but a lot of Sunni groups that have only one thing in common: a determination to end America’s turnover by force to Iraq’s majority Shias. Obama now clearly is trying to find the half-way point where action doesn’t make him look like he is caving to the Republicans while making it look like he is massacring ISIS advocates to promote freedom. Both sides pattern their tactical steps and lip motions to the Fall election and the Presidency campaign in 2016. Hence, Obama pretends to offer the Kiev Govt in Ukraine what it needs to stop a Russian invasion that will never come because ALL Ukrainians now know that the cash alternative to Russia’s supply of fuel and markets for its industry come ONLY from Russia. Yet, Obama has let it be known that this is a matter for NATO as might be Ukraine’s future as a NATO member. Such was the game played with Georgia when we gave the go-ahead to attack Russia. But once the Russians pressed hard, Georgia discovered that when the going gets tough, the “tough” get going!

    The Middle East is an angry place where now the Sunnis seem to be in paroxysmal madness.This was set up by the Saudis in 2006, when they warned Bush that they would support all Sunnis ready to take back land lost to Shia.

    For our commanders soldiers are a commodity that pay great dividends. No one gives a damn about them and they have to enlist as there are no other jobs available. And, with a war on, maybe Congress will lower the Sequestration Dam and let the DoD $$$$ flow again.

    Meanwhile, Arabs die and suffer humiliation. 9/11 was an expression of that humiliation. Thirteen years later one can only wonder why are we setting ourselves up for a repeat 9/11 by comfortably killing Arabs from the air, thus convincing the survivors that the only cause for life Allah will accept is to avenge the dead brothers with “something big in America.”

    And still our Pentagon guarantees salaries that would make any corporate exec green with envy. By breaking the limits imposed by the Sequester, their corporate concern, Pentagon Inc, will grow amazingly again when officers get to throw around balls of $billions that serve as footballs, as happened in our $3 TRILLIONS war in Iraq. The Media’s new title is BS. It disseminates disjointed absurdities. In order to have a story the media fills in a story around sketchy facts. Since a story has to be credible, nothing works as well as cogent hype that perpetrates the illusion of rationality. Indeed, the profit motive has made our media as dependent on US GOV. as on old movie scripts in order to keep people worried. There’s reason to worry for the world is small and, just like the Ebola contaminated the avenging friends and relatives of the Jihadis we kill. For every one we kill ten will devote their lives to killing us…they’re smart and dedicated and bloodthirsty, motivated to avenge. What have we got besides our air war toys for when these shahids invade our towns? And for what do we invite hateful revenge? Do we want more waste of soldiers and assets while the homefront is hit from all sides? Is a cup of oil worth a barrel of blood? Is it worth turning Putin to their side against us

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