Obama and Erdogan have left Kobane to ISIS

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3 thoughts on “Obama and Erdogan have left Kobane to ISIS

  1. Robert

    There isn’t much that Obama can do from a political standpoint to help Kobane.

    Erdogan on the other hand has so far been letting it fall as he seemed to consider ISIS less of a threat than the PKK.

    Erdogan seems however, to have changed yesterday saying that defeating ISIS was job one and putting bills through his controlled legislature to allow Turkey to be part of the anti ISIS coalition with Washington and allow it to use Turkish military bases.

    Let us see what his follow through will be. Erdogan’s behavior until now has earned him the well deserved hatred of Turkish Kurds, who have been a major part of his political base.

  2. Jd

    Isn’t it obvious why Obama is letting isis take kobane? It’s pushing the Turks on their toes, forcing them to finally enter the war next door since they and many other surrounding countries don’t do shit about because they expect us Americans to go around the planet to clean their shit up for them. Maybe that’s why turkey finally voted for military action a few days ago since, us let them near their border. Unfortunately for the Kurds in kobane, this is a necessary evil

  3. Paul Woodward

    Let’s see… How did ISIS come into existence? It started as Al Qaeda in Iraq — a product of the collapse of the state resulting from the American invasion and occupation of Iraq. So when it comes to cleaning up shit in the Middle East a lot of it was produced by Americans.

    A lot of Americans would now like to turn their backs on the mess they helped create. Maybe the U.S. can indeed do no good in the region and thus should endeavor to do no harm by doing nothing at all (a view I do not share). But it’s simply a combination of arrogance and ignorance to view the catastrophic state of the Middle East as being none of America’s business.

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