Peshmerga on route to Kobane

Rudaw reports: Peshmerga from the Kurdistan Region of Iraq will arrive in Kobane in the early hours of Wednesday to help defenders of the Syrian border town fight off an Islamic State assault that has lasted more than 40 days, according to informed sources.

Part of the 150-strong Peshmerga artillery force were flying from Erbil to Turkey, from where they will cross to Kobane. Others will travel by road, accompanying trucks, guns, and other heavy weapons with which they hope to help defeat the ISIS siege.

The deployment of the Kurdish soldiers comes after being delayed for two days of negotiations with Turkey, through whose territory they must pass to reach Kobane, which lies just across the Turkish frontier.

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One thought on “Peshmerga on route to Kobane

  1. mohib khan

    I hope that they reach the town without any further delay. The ISIS will also be expected to stop them but they will have to probably fight their way in. With all this delay the ISIS will have time to plan their attack so God help them. Long live the defenders of Kobane and may ISIS ROT IN HELL

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