Music: Five Corners Quintet — ‘Easy Diggin’

The Observer: Everybody is a jazz fan, DJ/producer Tuomas Kallio reckons. Only they just don’t know it. After sharpening his dancefloor instincts as one of the founders of Nuspirit Helsinki, he reasoned that danceable grooves need not be the exclusive property of club culture and jazz need not be the preserve of 30 people in the back room of a pub. So he created the Five Corners Quintet.

Taking some of the finest young jazzers in Finland – among them saxophonist Timo Lassy of the U-Street All Stars, drummer Teppo Mäkynen of the Teddy Rok Seven and trumpeter Jukka Eskola, a major young European talent – he wrote original yet catchy themes that were halfway between hard bop and a Stax or Muscle Shoals horn riff. Underpinned by powerful grooves that reflect his interest in club culture, Hot Corner is a potent mix that’s guaranteed to get the most recalcitrant wallflower onto the dancefloor.

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