Saudi Arabia and Israel share same enemy

The New York Times: A new merging of strategic interests between Saudi Arabia and Israel was on display on Thursday as two former officials from those countries appeared on the same stage to discuss their concerns about Iran’s actions across the Middle East.

In an appearance at the Washington office of the Council on Foreign Relations, a retired major general in the Saudi armed forces, Anwar Eshki, and a former Israeli ambassador close to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Dore Gold, described their common interests in opposing Iran. It was the culmination of five meetings between the two men, who both run think tanks, though Mr. Gold will become the director general of Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Sunday.

“We’re both allies of the United States,” Mr. Gold said after the presentation. “I hope this is the beginning of more discussion about our common strategic problems.”

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2 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia and Israel share same enemy

  1. wallace

    The sneaky Saudis are showing their true colors in public and that´s good for those trying to understand a difficult and complex situation. What most people don´t comprehend is the depth of animosity between Shia and Sunni even bretween citizens of the same country.

  2. Joachim Kreysler

    This is the logical consequence of Sunni/Shia conflict with now clearly visible opportunistic alliances.
    This enhances the current and future role of ISIS as major player in this confrontation in the Middle East and Northern Africa.
    An acceleration is possible do to pricing trends of crude oil.

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