Syrian town declares itself UN disaster area after latest regime attack

The Guardian reports: A town outside Damascus that this week endured one of the deadliest air raids in the Syrian civil war has declared itself a disaster zone, and called for measures to save civilians from a government-orchestrated siege that has lasted more than two years.

Opposition-held Douma, a few miles from the centre of Damascus, was hit by government aircraft bombing raids on its main market and other civilian targets on Sunday that left more than 100 dead and 500 injured in a town already suffering food and medical shortages.

“As a result of the humanitarian catastrophe, we in the local council for the city of Douma declare it a disaster area according to international, humanitarian and UN standards,” Douma’s governing council said in a statement circulated online.

The statement called on the international community to enforce UN security council resolutions and press Bashar al-Assad’s regime to end attacks against civilians, to allow the Red Cross access to local besieged towns to provide humanitarian assistance, and to open humanitarian corridors to relieve civilians inside the blockade. [Continue reading…]

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