Perfect weather for bombing Syria

RFERL reports: As Russia presses ahead with air strikes in Syria, the Kremlin’s push for domestic support for the offensive has spread to an unlikely area: weather forecasts.

On October 3, state-run television channel Rossiya-24 aired an exhaustive weather bulletin describing the current climatic conditions in Syria as “very favorable” for a bombing campaign.

“October in Syria is generally a propitious time for flights,” said the weather presenter, standing against a backdrop detailing the average temperature, rainfall, wind speed, and number of cloudy days in October in the Middle Eastern country.

“Rain falls only once every 10 days and the most intensive rain, up to 18 millimeters, is usually observed in the north, where the operation by Russia’s air force is underway,” she continued. “But this cannot seriously affect the bombings.”

According to the slick, three-minute forecast — accompanied by Defense Ministry footage showing bombs hitting the ground and sending up huge plumes of smoke — Syria’s balmy autumn temperatures are also perfect for air strikes. [Continue reading…]

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