Two men armed with knives — one gets arrested, the other gets killed

A shirtless man, armed with a straight razor from a barbershop and suspected of having just attempted to rob a bank, stands surrounded by at least five Miami Beach Police officers. After failing to comply with their commands, the suspect is shot and killed.

Meanwhile, in London a suspected terrorist who is not only armed with a knife but has already stabbed and seriously injured a 56-year-old man, gets surrounded by British police officers. The suspect doesn’t just fail to comply with demands from the police — he continues threatening anyone nearby with his knife. Nevertheless, the police are able use a taser to bring him down, handcuff and arrest him.

Are the British police more courageous than their American counterparts?

I don’t know.

The immediate difference derives from police tactics. But the wider difference is that Britain isn’t burdened by a popular gun fetish or a cartoon culture in which adults talk about “good guys” and “bad guys.”

A commenter on YouTube sarcastically asks: “In America, do you have more chance of being killed by ISIS or the cops?”

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