God is quitting Twitter

Quartz reports: Fed up with the limits of the medium and the number of trolls He hath created, God is quitting Twitter.

More accurately, the man behind the popular (2.29 million followers) account @TheTweetOfGod has issued one final missive.

Former Daily Show with Jon Stewart writer David Javerbaum created a Twitter handle for God in 2010. Since then, the fictional Lord has tweeted acidly about soccer, the Westboro Baptist Church, and how He’s eventually going to kill us all. The tweets inspired a book and a Broadway play, An Act of God, that just started a second run in Los Angeles. He follows exactly one person: Justin Bieber.

Javerbaum’s God was a left-leaning misanthrope skeptical about His own existence and more than a little disappointed in how this whole humanity project turned out. [Continue reading…]

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