Music: Can — ‘Future Days’

Can (formed 1968): Irmin Schmidt (keyboards), Holger Czukay (bass), Jaki Liebezeit (drums), Michael Karoli (guitar), Malcolm Mooney then Damo Suzuki (vocals)

one of the most important bands of the last century.

Can were the archetypal “krautrock” group – ironically, given that much of their best work featured either Malcolm Mooney, an American, or Damo Suzuki, from Japan, as vocalists. Students of Stockhausen, blessed with renegade jazz and classical chops, and fully aware of the possibilities opened up by John Cage, they brought a feverishly questing spirit to rock music.

Rather than the blues roots underpinning most Anglo-American rock, they drew on minimalism, serialism, the churning motor-pulse of the Velvet Underground, and ethnic strains then unheard in Western pop. The result was some of the most striking, individual music ever made.

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