In EU poll 70% outside Britain say UK’s exit would be bad for Europe

Pew Research Center reports: On June 23, people in the United Kingdom will vote on a referendum on whether to remain in the European Union or to leave the Brussels-based institution, a decision that has come to be called Brexit. The British go to the polls at a time when a new multi-nation survey from Pew Research Center finds that Euroskepticism is on the rise across Europe and that about two-thirds of both the British and the Greeks, along with significant minorities in other key nations, want some powers returned from Brussels to national governments. Whether favorable or not toward Brussels, most Europeans agree that a British exit would harm the 28-member EU. [Continue reading…]

I don’t think the desire to see some powers returned to national governments should be conflated with Euroskepticism. The latter questions the value of the existence of the EU, but the fact that a very large majority of those polled see the UK’s exit as being detrimental to the EU, strongly implies that there is widespread appreciation for the value of European unity.

A skeptical minority wants to break Europe apart, whereas the majority want to see revisions in the EU’s power structure.

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