Sturgeon calls for unity in Scotland and tells UK government: ‘Get a grip’

The Guardian reports: Nicola Sturgeon called on Scotland to move forward “in a spirit of unity and national purpose” as she condemned the leadership vacuum in Westminster.

She called on the UK government to “get a grip” in her first statement to the Holyrood parliament since last week’s referendum result.

Scotland’s first minster told the Holyrood chamber: “These are times that call for principles, purpose and clarity – in short, for leadership. That is why the vacuum that has developed at Westminster is so unacceptable.”

Speaking in advance of an emergency debate in which she urged MSPs to back her efforts to protect Scotland’s place in Europe, Sturgeon warned: “One thing is clear: there cannot be three months of drift while both the government and main opposition parties at Westminster immerse themselves in internal elections. That would compound the difficult situation we are already facing and risk even more damage to our economy.”

The SNP leader went on: “We have heard that – almost incredibly – there was no plan for this outcome. It is my view that the UK government must now get a grip on this: first, to restore stability and confidence, then, to set out its plan for the way forward. It must involve the Scottish government in that work at every step of the way.” [Continue reading…]

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