Doctors tell of ‘horrifying’ conditions in Aleppo as medical supplies run out

ITV News reports: American doctor Dr Samer Attar, who is now back in Chicago, worked in an underground field hospital in Aleppo.

He said the conditions he witnessed there were “brutal and horrifying” and that they would only worsen with the closure of Castello Road – now the only aid route into Aleppo.

“Right now that road has been cut off by the Syrian government, that was the last remaining humanitarian supply route into eastern Aleppo.

“The doctors I’ve been speaking to says they have no food, no fuel, no medicines to last them the next month.

“A neurosurgeon I know texted me to he hasn’t eaten anything for the past few days other than dried dates whilst working around the clock.

“He has to perform massive brain operations on patients and he is trapped. No one is coming to relieve him.” [Continue reading…]

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