Leaked Trump tape reveals he invited club guests to ‘come along’ during cabinet interviews — ‘it’ll be fun’

Politico reports: President Donald Trump, living alone inside the White House, often hungers for friendly interaction as he adjusts to the difficult work of governance. At his clubs, he finds what’s missing.

That showed last November at a cocktail and dinner reception celebrating longtime members of his Bedminster, New Jersey golf club. Deep into the process of meeting potential Cabinet nominees, the president-elect invited partygoers to stop by the next day to join the excitement.

“We’re doing a lot of interviews tomorrow — generals, dictators, we have everything,” Trump told the crowd, according to an audio tape of his closed-press remarks obtained by POLITICO from a source in the room. “You may wanna come around. It’ll be fun. We’re really working tomorrow. We have meetings every 15, 20 minutes with different people that will form our government.”

“We’re going to be interviewing everybody — Treasury, we’re going to be interviewing Secretary of State,” he continued. “We have everybody coming in — if you want to come around, it’s going to be unbelievable….so you might want to come along.” [Continue reading…]

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One thought on “Leaked Trump tape reveals he invited club guests to ‘come along’ during cabinet interviews — ‘it’ll be fun’

  1. Mustafa Novikoff

    My personal feeling is that by hitching their carts to the disastrous Trump bandwagon these right-wing parties will fail, owing to the ongoing chaos and failure of the American administration. In a sense Trump makes a lousy fascist—the trains will never run on time under his watch!; and hateful rhetoric will only go so far if you don’t produce substantial political victories.

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