Netherlands cancels Turkish foreign minister’s visit in spiraling feud between Europe and Turkey

The Washington Post reports: The Dutch government on Saturday prevented Turkey’s foreign minister from visiting the Netherlands to address Turkish voters there, in a breach of diplomatic protocol that reflected sharply worsening tensions between Turkey and Europe.

The Dutch government said in a statement it had decided to withdraw landing rights for the foreign minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu, because of the “risks to public order and security” that a visit by him would pose. Earlier Saturday, Cavusoglu had warned that Turkey would impose “sanctions” on the Netherlands if his flight was canceled, according to local Turkish media.

Reacting later in the day to the cancellation, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called the Dutch “Nazi remnants” and “fascists” and suggested that Dutch diplomats would be prevented from traveling to Turkey. [Continue reading…]

Reuters reports: Several hundred demonstrators waving Turkish flags gathered outside the Turkish consulate in the Dutch city of Rotterdam on Saturday, demanding to see the Turkish minister for family affairs as a dispute between the two countries escalated.

Police erected metal barriers and patrolled on horseback to keep the demonstrators away from the consulate as the crowd grew with more pro-Turkish protesters arriving from Germany.

Turkish Family Minister Fatma Betul Sayan Kaya traveled by road to the Netherlands from neighboring Germany after the Dutch government revoked landing rights for a plane carrying Turkey’s foreign minister earlier on Saturday.

Dutch TV footage showed police stopping the minister’s convoy near the Turkish consulate in Rotterdam and preventing her from entering the building. [Continue reading…]

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One thought on “Netherlands cancels Turkish foreign minister’s visit in spiraling feud between Europe and Turkey

  1. Dieter Heymann

    At issue is not whether these Turkish dignitaries can visit the Netherlands but whether they are allowed to make political propaganda for Erdogan in Dutch cities. The EU is still a union of sovereign countries hence each country can set limits on what foreign visitors can do within their borders. The Dutch government has decided that political propaganda by non-residents is not allowed.
    The problem derives from the legally permitted double citizenship.
    The Turkish community in the Netherlands dates back to a few years after WW2. It is divided with regards to the Erdogan government.
    Yes, the action of the Dutch government is in part driven by the threat of Wilders.
    It is weird that one dictator accuses another government of being NAZI.

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