American Meteorological Society attempts to educate Energy Secretary Rick Perry on the primary cause of climate change

HuffPost reports: A meteorological research group gave Energy Secretary Rick Perry a free lesson about the well-established scientific findings on climate change, just two days after the Trump Cabinet member denied that carbon dioxide is driving the global crisis.

In a Wednesday letter to Perry, Keith L. Seitter, executive director of the American Meteorological Society, said it is “critically important” that Perry understand that greenhouse gas emissions from human activity are, indeed, the primary cause of climate change.

“This is a conclusion based on the comprehensive assessment of scientific evidence,” Seitter wrote. “It is based on multiple independent lines of evidence that have been affirmed by thousands of independent scientists and numerous scientific institutions around the world. We are not familiar with any scientific institution with relevant subject matter expertise that has reached a different conclusion.”

Seitter added that “without this fundamental understanding of the science, it is impossible to discuss potential policy changes in meaningful ways.” [Continue reading…]

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