Other world leaders held full press conferences at G-20, but not Trump

The Hill reports: President Trump was one of the only world leaders to leave the G-20 summit without holding a full press conference.

Trump on Saturday departed Hamburg, Germany, for Washington after the close of the three-day summit of the world’s top political leaders.

As first noted by CNN, Trump did not hold a full news conference at the end of the event, while other top world leaders did.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said at his Saturday press conference that he thinks Trump believed his assurances that Russia did not interfere in last year’s U.S. election. [Continue reading…]

When Putin met Trump, he inquired whether the press in attendance were “the ones who insulted you?” Trump responded: “These are the ones, you’re right about that,” to which Putin laughed, signaling perhaps that a strong leader would not tolerate such criticism.

Nothing would appear to satisfy the Russian president more than the opportunity to shake the American president’s hand while also laughing at him.


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