Trump faces political danger in visit to Puerto Rico

Politico reports: President Donald Trump on Tuesday will come face to face with the “politically motivated ingrates” he slammed on Twitter just days before.

The president will land in Puerto Rico after spending much of the past week boasting about a wildly successful response effort that hasn’t matched the reality of the hurricane-ravaged island and after picking a fight over the weekend with the San Juan mayor.

The visit comes as he’s also attempting to be soother-in-chief for the nation after a shooting in Las Vegas left at least 59 dead on Sunday night — the first time he’s had to navigate two disasters of national scope that are politically perilous for any president, but especially one prone to off-the-cuff riffs. [Continue reading…]

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One thought on “Trump faces political danger in visit to Puerto Rico

  1. David Airey

    After the last year and more I can’t bring myself to believe that ‘politically perilous for any president’ is a term that applies to this president. He operates completely outside of the arena where such conventional truths hold. He is his own greatest peril and so far he’s surviving himself very well. I mean seriously, what could he possibly say or do in Puerto Rico that could damage his presidency in a way that would require any change of course?

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