Leader of pro-Trump super PAC had mortgage on Paul Manafort property

The Guardian reports: The leader of a pro-Trump Super Pac once held a mortgage on one of the properties owned by Paul Manafort which federal prosecutors are trying to seize.

Tom Barrack, a close friend of Donald Trump’s who leads the Rebuilding America Now Super Pac, made a secured loan tied to Manafort’s house in the Hamptons in July 2004.

The loan – to Manafort’s wife Kathleen, who was listed as the owner of the house – consolidated $1.76m in previous loans and also included a loan of $382,002.98 with the property as collateral, according to records in the Suffolk County clerk’s office.

The county clerk records a satisfaction of mortgage or full repayment of the loan on 8 March 2006.

A spokesman for Manafort declined to comment on the loan while a spokesman for Barrack simply told the Guardian “the loan was repaid in accordance with the terms” and declined to comment further.

The property, located at 174 Jobs Lane, Water Mill, New York, is one of four owned by Manafort listed in the indictment that federal government seeks to have forfeited as “derived from proceeds traceable to the offense(s) of conviction”. [Continue reading…]

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