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Music: Maati Baani — ‘Rang Rangiya’

Maati Baani (Nirali Kartik and Kartik Shah): Real freedom is when the mind is free from feelings of hatred, greed and vengeance. On the eve of India’s and Pakistan’s Independence Day [August 15], we present to you Rang Rangiya, a heart felt song of Love and Friendship. How many innocent lives have been lost in the wars? How many children today are living in the shadow of fear?

Love is our true nature but when greed and hatred overpowers the mind, wars happen. Countries consists of people and when people are friends how can there be wars?

It’s the time when each individual rises up to say No to War because we have waited long enough….


Galiyon pe dil ke jiskaa hai makaan,
Woh hain yaar ki,
Humne toh jaani ek hi zubaan,
Woh hain pyaar ki,
Dono hi dono ka hain aaina hain aainaa
Humne banai hain apni subaah
Woh hain pyaar ki,

Ishq se karde ishq farozaan
Ishq se kar de rangreza
Rang rang rang rangiyare
Main to rang rangiya rangiya

Preet Na Kije Panchhi Jaise, Jal Sukhe Ud Jaaye,
Preet toh Kije Machhli Jaise, Jale Sukhe Mar Jaaye. (St. Kabir)

Tu aur main ka farq batayein
Naina ye naina jhoothe hain
Sach to yeh jaane Jo dil yeh maane
Sab ek rang se phoote hain

Chhal bulleya chal otthe chaliye jetthe saare annhe,
Na koi saddi zaat pichaane Na koi saanu manne, (Baba Bulleh Shah)

English Translation:

In the street of my heart there is the house of my friend,
We know only of one Language, which is of Love,
We are each other’s reflection,
We have created our new dawn of Love!

Let Love be luminescent with Love
Color Me in the Color of Love, Oh Colorful One!
Rang Rang Rang Rangiya Re Mein To Rang Rangiya Rangiya.

Rajasthani vocals: Lyrics by Kabir
Let your Love not be like a Bird, that takes flight when the Water dries up,
Instead, Love Like A Fish, which Dies when the Water Dries Up.

Those eyes that see you and me as different are wrong;
The heart that acknowledges, that all beings come from the same source, knows the Truth.

Punjabi Lyrics by Baba Bullehsah
Oh Bulleya, Lets go where everyone is blind,
Where there is no discrimination of caste and position.

Color me in the color of Love, Oh the Colorful One!
Rang Rang Rang Rangiya Re Mein To Rang Rangiya Rangiya.

Composed by Maati Baani