Tabla by Ashraful Kadir

With the invention of music came the creation of time.

Why does a website which gives so much attention to global conflicts, intersperse the grief and political struggle with musical interludes?

Anyone who spends us much time as I do surveying the turmoil of this era is destined for terminal depression unless they see some light in the world. Music is one such source of inspiration for me and I share it here in the hope that — at least for those whose tastes overlap mine — it might provide the same tonic.

Music is the art of the moment and the shape of the unseen. In its richest expressions, unconstrained by cultural boundaries, this linear form reaches its destination by going nowhere.

If there is a current that ties the music here to the rest of the content on this site it is that in all things, what interests me most is authenticity. The true story, the authentic voice.

Note: Much of the music here is complex with subtle tonal textures — listen with headphones or you’ll miss most of what’s being played.

* * *

There are three ways to explore the musical archives:

1. The complete playlist — this includes everything I’ve posted beginning with the most recent piece.

2. Individual artists (A to F, G to K, L to S, and T to Z) — this includes not only each piece posted but also an additional playlist for each artist.

3. Browse the music category — this lists each piece of music posted.

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