OPINION: The Muslim Brotherhood is not at odds with its democratic rivals

The Muslim Brotherhood will stand up for all Egyptians

In her opinion article, [Mona] Eltahawy criticizes the Muslim Brotherhood’s leader, Mohammed Mahdi Akef, for calling her “naked” because she was wearing a short-sleeved T-shirt and pants. I could not agree more with her.

Not wearing the hijab, or headscarf, makes a woman unveiled, not naked. I realize how offensive it is to call someone “naked” for not wearing a headscarf, and I find Akef’s comment unjustifiable.

To be clear, I support Akef’s stance on wearing the hijab, and like him view it as a religious obligation. There has been consensus on that among Islamic scholars for centuries.

Yet this has got nothing to do with the Muslim Brotherhood as a political group. While we believe that wearing the hijab is an obligation, we believe it is an individual woman’s choice to uphold it — a choice that the state should not interfere in. [complete article]

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1 thought on “OPINION: The Muslim Brotherhood is not at odds with its democratic rivals

  1. einil

    Well…I’m a muslim too
    I’m 15 this year and i dont wear the hijab…
    My mother and my sisters use them
    but they never ever force me to use them
    my sister’s friend once wear the hijab….sooner…she did not use it anymore..as she’ve made researches and it is clear that in the al-quran does not stated that it is compulsary to use the hijab but it it encouragable…my sister’s friend has beeen through thick and thin..many ppl dislilke her as she does not use the hijab already..but she’s very strong….I am very sensitive when it comes to this type of quiestion”when you gonna use your hijab”…I’d always cried…and to tell you the truth..I have only a few muslim friends in school..they dont really like me as i nvr used the hijiab..I’ve went to mecca and when i came back i knew that this type of queestions will come…But i must accept it…different ppl different opinions..I do not want to use the hijab because i want to pleased ppl and scared of being asked..it will be much sinner if you use it with no sincerity a.k.a being hypocrite…Though i nvr use the hijab..that doesnt mean i’m not a muslim believer…

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