INTERVIEW: Burma today “is almost like Nazi Germany”

“The opposition has no chance right now, but this is only the beginning”

“Right now the opposition is under great stress. Burma today is as most repressive as it has ever been: they basically shut down all the cities every night, and they roam the streets and go and arrest people, it is almost like Nazi Germany. That is why the opposition has no chance right now”. Maureen Aung-Thwin, director of the Burma Project/Southeast Asia Initiative of the Open Society Institute, which is part of the Soros Foundations Network, makes no illusions about the future of the “Saffron revolution”, but she observes that the international pressure is growing, especially from the U.S. and also Europe (“can play a big role”), and that’s why she declares herself optimistic: “The trend of history is not towards more repressive dictatorships. It is impossible to totally isolate a whole population from the rest of the world in the 21st century”. [complete article]

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One thought on “INTERVIEW: Burma today “is almost like Nazi Germany”

  1. Philip Chew

    Why Burma has become what it is today? The root cause is US government and its allies. They cannot get the Burma military Govt. on their side, so they try sanctions hoping the people will rise against the military. But the people are very poor and only think of filling their stomach. Sanction makes it worse for the people. If US is sincere, lift the sanctions and allow investments to go into the country. The standard of living will go up with jobs and improve economy. To end it all, US motive is to surround China with allies. US has not been successful except in the Far East, like South Korea and Japan.

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