Jerusalem – 7/19

Netanyahu: Israel rule over Jerusalem not up for discussion

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday that Israel’s sovereignty over Jerusalem was not a matter up for discussion. The prime minister’s comments came after the U.S. State Department told Israeli envoy Michael Oren that Israel must halt a construction project in East Jerusalem.

Netanyahu told ministers at the weekly cabinet meeting that Jerusalem is the united capital of Israel and that all citizens are allowed to purchase property in any part of the city they choose. [continued…]

‘U.S. tells Israel to halt East Jerusalem building’

The United States has told Israel it must halt an East Jerusalem construction project in accordance with the Obama administration’s demands for a complete freeze on settlement building, Israeli radio stations reported on Sunday.

The State Department summoned Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren over the weekend to advise him that the project developed by American millionaire Irving Moskowitz should not go ahead, according to both Israel Radio and Army Radio.

Moskowitz, an influential supporter of Israeli settlement in East Jerusalem, purchased the Shepherd Hotel in 1985 and plans to tear it down and build housing units in its place. The hotel is located near a government compound that includes several government ministries and the national police headquarters. [continued…]

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One thought on “Jerusalem – 7/19

  1. DE Teodoru

    The two Ha’aretz articles above makes on wonder who will prevail. Follow the money for an answer. As Finance Minister under Sharon Netanyahu promised to break the Israeli addiction to big US welfare check. He failed and now as PM needs even more money because Israel is still a 60 y/o fetus on an American $ placenta. His chutzpah is a bluff, for Israelis are used to the high-life, living better than most Americans on US aid. Our new-found poverty could blow up in Israel’s face, but won’t for Bibbi is a shyster but a patriot and not insane. Watch him find a way to terms with Palestiinans. He’s a smart fox!

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