Haaretz website and malicious advertising

As a service to readers of War in Context, I will no longer be linking to the Haaretz English website until its operators get their act together and figure out how to block malicious advertising. Until such a time I will post interesting Haaretz articles in their entirety and would encourage other website operators to do the same.

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3 thoughts on “Haaretz website and malicious advertising

  1. Stephen Ward

    Thanks – I appreciate it. When I go to the Haartez site, an anti-virus program starts to scan my Mac for viruses spontaneously.


  2. la vérité

    Many thanks. I have been having the same problem for more than two weeks and have stopped clicking on anything with haaretz.com. My friend who writes a ‘dailykos diary’ also has had the same problem ( some other writers at ‘daily kos’ also have encountered the same problem according to my firend ). Full text article will be very much appreciated. Many thanks again.

    ps according to my friend, the Hebrew website of Ha’aretz does not have the same problem.

  3. joepartida

    Hey, I thought it was just me and new people filtering my comments to shut me up. I subscribe to both War in Context and Haaretz and I started having problems with Haaretz, so then I would go to War and try it there but the same thing happens. Let us know when they find those wingnut censors so we can receive truth again.

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