Palestinians to seek UN endorsement of statehood

Palestinians to seek UN endorsement of statehood

Palestinian officials said Sunday they are preparing to ask the United Nations to endorse an independent state without Israel’s consent because they are losing faith in the peace talks.

The idea appeared to be largely symbolic. The U.S., Israel’s closest ally, would likely veto any initiative at the United Nations, and Israel controls the areas where the Palestinians want to establish their homeland. Nonetheless, the move reflected growing Palestinian frustration with the deadlock in peace efforts. [continued…]

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One thought on “Palestinians to seek UN endorsement of statehood

  1. Dieter Heymann, Houston, USA

    In 1947 the UN recognized a “Palestinian State in staus nascendi” when the former British League of Nations Mandate was partitioned.

    The Mandate of Palestine itself was a product of the arrogant and disastrous partitioning of the Ottoman Empire by the “Big Three” of the Paris Peace Conference US, Britain, and France. At the end of WW2 Britain and France were too exhausted and the US was too disinterested to accept the responsibility for finally transforming that Mandate into an independent non-Jewish state of Palestine which was evidently the first responsibility of the United Nations and to fight the Jewish organizations which were hell bent to bring about a partitioning by violence.

    Our country which needed a big injection of fresh labor to fuel the blossoming post-WW2 economy made the dumb mistake of not offering all European Jews the opportunity to immigrate to the USA and guarantee their safety and security of life here.

    Because Palestine is the so-called “Holy Land” mistakes were piled on mistakes and no one can untangle that “Holy Mess” today or perhaps ever.

    Of course the God-infested Obama administration will veto any move by the UN in the direction of a real Palestinian state but only for domestic political reasons because “Who lost Palestine” will then be added to “Who lost Iraq” and “Who lost Afghanistan”.

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