The third Viva Palestina Gaza convoy leaves London

“What Viva Palestina have achieved on their previous convoys has been incredible. Not only did they break the siege on Gaza, but they brought much needed aid, and solidarity on a massive international scale. The efforts of everyone from right across the world who took part in the previous convoy’s by giving up their time to drive to the stricken region of Gaza should be fully commended.

“To everyone taking part in the 3rd Viva Convoy, I wish you all the very best of luck, and your efforts for the people in Gaza just warms my heart. You bring hope, solidarity, peace, and love from right across the world. I am with you all the way in spirit.” — Noam Chomsky

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1 thought on “The third Viva Palestina Gaza convoy leaves London

  1. Gazac

    The 27th of December 2008, for 22days and nights, we ALL watched with horror and dismay, as we witnessed mass murder and carnage on a grand scale.
    Follow the latest convoy with a live map
    Pics of Egyptian government robbing first convoy.
    Archive of old convoy

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