Blaming the Goldstone Report

Blaming the Goldstone Report

A brief news item in the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) a few days ago made depressing reading. It was entitled: “State Department blames Goldstone for stalled peace talks.”

“Wow!” I thought to myself, has it really come down to this? The United States and Israel, who do not hesitate to toot their horn about their democratic credentials, now blame the stalled Arab-Israeli peace-making process on the publication of the report on the potential war crimes of the Gaza war issued in September by the UN Human Rights Council enquiry commission headed by Judge Richard Goldstone?

It is hard to think of a more distorted and backwards brand of political morality than this American-Israeli view of the Goldstone report, which most of the world sees as a historic breakthrough in the elusive quest to apply international norms of accountability to the savagery that has come to define Arab-Israeli warfare. [continued…]

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3 thoughts on “Blaming the Goldstone Report

  1. DE Teodoru

    Clintonista low politics are again upon us as the neocon $ she turned down in 2008 Hillary now wants to use it in order to replace Obama in 2012 and is using her SecState post to get it. Her absurd statement in Israel about Israel dealing with settlements (which in Cairo she had to withdraw, but the coded statement was by then loud and clear– hear me in Jerusalem, not in Cairo) bespeaks her boa constrictor hold on Obama via the totally Bill Clinton staffing of the White House enclosing and suffocating him. Obama is being a “loyal” soldier like Powell, abiding by Cabinet decisions, but it looks worse on Obama because he’s the President. It will be Hillary vs. Petraeus in 2012 and that could be our last democratic change of power if the little McArthur mediocrity wins.

  2. Christopher Haynes

    I believe this is my first post, so I introduce myself as a scholar analysing conflict through my experience studying politics, international relations, culture and other social sciences.

    There is very little that impugns the Goldstone Report. Its author’s credentials are solid and almost all criticism levied at it is by people who have not read the report. To read the report is to be disgusted at what war crimes “the world’s most moral military” has committed.

    The US government should be using the Report as a basis for pressuring the government of Israel into REAL peace negotiations with results. So far, we have seen no acceptance by the Americans of the Goldstone Report and no pressure on Israel to make peace. How could the Report possibly be stalling peace talks that are not happening in the first place?

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