Iraqis say they were forced to take Blackwater settlement

Iraqis say they were forced to take Blackwater settlement

Several victims of a 2007 shooting involving American private security guards employed by the firm formerly known as Blackwater alleged Sunday that they were coerced into reaching settlements, and they demanded that the Iraqi government intervene to have the agreements nullified.

The Iraqis said they were pressured by their own attorneys into accepting what they now believe are inadequate settlements because they were told the company was about to file for bankruptcy, that its chairman was going to be arrested and that the U.S. government was about to confiscate all of the firm’s assets. This would be their last chance to get any compensation, the victims said they were told.

When criminal charges against the guards were dismissed by a U.S. federal judge on Dec. 31, the Iraqis concluded that they had been duped and that Blackwater, now called Xe, was not in the kind of legal and financial trouble they had been led to believe. [continued…]

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One thought on “Iraqis say they were forced to take Blackwater settlement

  1. Philip Dennany

    Who can blame the survivors of the slaughter of their loved ones to want justice? We here in the US, have several family members of those that were murdered on 9-11 as well that demanded justice rather than accept the bribes to buy off the grief to the next of kin of those murdered on that terrible day. A lot of our tax dollars went for that cover-up. Though I didn’t have any family members killed, I am stil outraged over that high treason and mass murder of our own.

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