The new McCarthyism sweeping Israel

The Independent reports:

It’s hard, sitting on the other side of the office table from which Naomi Chazan is picking at her modest hummus and salad snack lunch, to believe that the amiable 63-year-old university professor with a self-deprecating sense of humour has suddenly become the most discussed, not to say demonised, woman in Israel.

Ms Chazan is president of a long-established agency with large numbers of Jewish donors in the US and Britain, which is committed to fighting for “social justice and equality for all Israelis”. The New Israel Fund has over the last 30 years disbursed some $200m to around 800 charitable, social and human rights groups, and justly claims much of the credit for building modern Israel’s still vibrant civil society.

But in the last fortnight the former Knesset member who by her own account loves her native Israel “without reservation” has been sacked as a columnist on the Jerusalem Post after 14 years, had rowdy demonstrators outside her house brandishing a chilling caricature of her with a horn obtruding from her forehead, and most far-fetched of all, been accused, in a newspaper article circulated to foreign journalists by the Government Press Office, of “serving the agenda of Iran and Hamas”.

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One thought on “The new McCarthyism sweeping Israel

  1. Christopher Hoare

    The same bigotry and antisocial hysteria is becoming increasingly strident throughout the US and Canada (since the Harper government). One has to wonder whether fears of losing control because the world is getting wise to their methods and agendas fuel these ultra right wing attacks. This article makes me wonder whether Israel and what Ms Chazan would call debased Zionism has become the nexus for this.
    Must Israel/Palestine find peace before our democracies can heal themselves?

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