Turkey recalls ambassador over US vote

The Financial Times reports:

Washington suffered a setback in its attempt to strengthen relations with Turkey when Ankara recalled its US ambassador on Thursday night.

The move came after a congressional panel backed a resolution describing the Ottoman-era massacres of 1.5m Armenians as “genocide”. Ankara has long warned that such a vote could harm US-Turkish relations and efforts to establish diplomatic ties between Turkey and Armenia.

Washington is currently seeking to persuade Ankara to back sanctions against Iran.

“We condemn this draft resolution, accusing the Turkish nation with a crime that it has not committed,” said the Turkish government. “This decision, which could adversely affect our co-operation on a wide common agenda with the US, also regrettably attests to a lack of strategic vision.”

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One thought on “Turkey recalls ambassador over US vote

  1. DE Teodoru

    Zionist NY Cong. Berman, of the Congressional Committee that raised the issue of Armenian “genocide,” insisted that Congress must let history judge Turkey. But he was silent on history’s judgment of Israel’s genocide in Gaza last year. This Congressional action against Turkey is nothing but an AIPAC effort to bully the Turks in their current squabble with Israel by demonstrating Zionist control of Congress. From multiple passports (Israeli Ambassador to US has both Israeli and US passport) to secretly squeezing billions of dollars from tax-payers through Congress and outright stealing any weapons secrets they want from the Pentagon in order to sell them to China and other nations…
    …Israel’s leaders seem to see United States as their satellite, never giving any consideration to the American Krystalnacht they are provoking. Such criminal negligence towards mostly loyal American Jews who made so many sacrifices so Israel could survive doesn’t bother them at all as Likudniks have publicly told American Jews: “You are Americans, mind your own business and don’t tell us what to do,” while insisting, as did Sharon in 2002, that any Jew who does not move to Israel permanently by 2020 will “lose his Jewish soul.” They should be ashamed of how they deliberately risk the wellbeing of American Jews.

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