Anglophobia on the rise in Israel

After the British government expelled an Israeli diplomat understood to be the London Mossad chief, the Daily Telegraph reports:

…members of the Israeli parliament likened the British government to “anti-Semitic dogs” and demanded the expulsion of Britain’s military attaché in Tel Aviv.

“The British are being hypocritical, and I do not wish to insult dogs here, since some dogs show true loyalty, [but] who gave the British the right to judge us on the war on terror?” said Arieh Eldad, a Right-wing member of the Knesset.

Another member, Michael Ben-Ari, said: “Dogs are usually loyal, the British may be dogs, but they are not loyal to us. They seem to be loyal to the anti-Semitic establishment.”

In an editorial, the Jerusalem Post says:

…the British government, it would appear, has its good guys and bad guys confused. Intelligence activities designed to protect citizens’ lives, even if they cross certain diplomatic frameworks, merit a sensible public response founded in moral support.

There is however one “diplomatic framework” that Israel sees fit to observe: it doesn’t steal the identities of American-Israeli dual nationals.

As for what sinister motives might lurk behind the rebuke to Israel dished out by the British, Dominic Waghorn says:

Right of centre free-daily newspaper Israel Hayom expresses the suspicion shared with me by a senior Israeli diplomat yesterday. “Some three million Muslims live in Britain, and Gordon Brown needs their votes in the upcoming elections.”

“We’ve recently had the feeling that Miliband thinks the route to leading Labour and the government goes through slighting and hurting Israel,” a diplomatic source tells Maariv.

What’s interesting about this notion that the Labour government could be pandering to Muslim voters is that those making the accusation would I am sure — even while AIPAC is in the middle of a conference graced by the attendance of virtually every member of Congress — see no parallel between a British government attentive to the views of Muslim voters and American politicians attentive to the views of Jewish voters.

Perhaps most telling is the fact that this senior Israeli diplomat refers to Muslims who “live in Britain” — as though he can’t quite accept the fact that the Muslims who live in Britain and who will have an impact on the upcoming election are actually British Muslims and British citizens.

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3 thoughts on “Anglophobia on the rise in Israel

  1. blowback

    Perhaps the Israelis should remember who ran interferance for them back in the summer of 2006 when they were trying and failing to destroy Hezbollah. The next time Israel attacks Lebanon (and I am not talking about the almost daily overflights and frequent cross-border incursions) perhaps the British government should put forward an immediate ceasefire resolution to the UNSC and then let the USA veto it. That would be change I could believe in!

  2. Strelnikov

    ….Next they’ll be talking about the secret Limey plan to rule the world through the six British bankers who meet in Zurich to set the value of gold.

  3. pabelmont

    I’d believe in all this British discipline a bit more if UK voted against Israeli entry into the OECD. I mean, my goodness, there’ve been 43 years of important illegalities in Israel’s conduct of its apparently endless occupation and UK (like the US and all EU) has looked the other way.

    Tempest in a teapot. All for show.

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