A view of life in Gaza

In a bloggingheads.tv interview, Robert Wright speaks to Bassam Nasser, who works for the Catholic Relief Services in Gaza. Though Wright’s questions tend to be somewhat uninformed and predictable, Nasser’s responses provide a much richer and more nuanced view of life under siege and Israeli occupation than can be gleaned for standard news reports.

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3 thoughts on “A view of life in Gaza

  1. humanity4all

    The attitude and body language of the person conducting this interview represents the nations that have been built on invasion and terrorism. I found him very offensive and condascending, not to say, hippocritical!

  2. Linda J

    Mr. Wright is characterized as a scholar and prize-winning author on subjects including science, religion and history. I find this hard to believe from his inane and insulting questions to Mr. Nasser. I’m embarrassed on behalf of Mr. Wright.

  3. humanity4all

    Peronally, I can understand this person conducting the interview. His education is such that invading other peoples’ lands is the moral thing to do, so you can bring them civilization! Afterall, he does come from the family of nations whose ancestors founded(discovered) nations that had societies living there for thousands of years. He comes from “new world” nations. In other words, europeans that exported death and desturction from their continent for the previous four hundred years. Therefore, it is only logical that this person says and asks questions that portray inhumanity, his history is this!

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