“I call this a Rube Goldberg contraption”

That’s a description of the Times Square incendiary devise provided by James M Cavanaugh. He spoke to the New York Times and is a former bomb expert with the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives who investigated car bombs and tracked the Unabomber, Theodore J Kaczynski, and Eric R Rudolph, the bomber of abortion clinics and other sites.

Now that a “person of interest” has been identified who is said to be a naturalized American citizen originally from Pakistan, it seems that those of us who were quick to point a finger of suspicion at the Tea Party crowd were wrong.

But, let’s imagine that this Rube Goldberg contraption had in fact been put together by a rightwing nut — or a group of them. The construction of the bomb would be taken as an indication of the severity of the threat. Which is not to say that the threat would be treated as insignificant, but neither would it be overstated.

Now the picture has turned international we will instead be encouraged to believe: first comes the Rube Goldberg contraption; next a dirty bomb or a nuclear weapon.

Add the jihadist element and suddenly the sky’s the limit.

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3 thoughts on ““I call this a Rube Goldberg contraption”

  1. bRian

    You had me when you began you retract due to your wrongness, then: not a sentence later do you proceed with more defamation and Terrorism by insinuating the Tea Partiers are coming at them with dirty bombs?

    How about let’s imagine this guy and most all of these other so-called terrorists have a history of working as an “informant” meaning that it’s was his job to go out and cause such troubles so we’ll all react a certain way, lining up behind our side of the line of scrimmage designed by the Skull and Bones-types hovering above the back and forth (did you know the inventor of modern football was Walter Camp, member of the Death Cult that you ignore?)

    Why not try a little harder to learn about how, just like the peace movement was killed by the lie about them spitting on Vietnam vets, the audit the Fed and anti-Corporatist movement is being killed by your unwillingness to see the common cause shared with a group of fellow citizens. Yes, they are still ignorant like all of us are. We all continue to wake up.

    Meanwhile : The gatekept left’s purity test for those who they will or won’t call racist bombers reaks of the Cass Sunstein’s COINTELPRO-style prescriptions against the risk of knowing 2+2=4, whether they know they’re being manipulated or not.

    see them here: http://www.google.com/search?client=safari&rls=en&q=cass+sunstein+conspiracy+theories&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8

    Have you read the Naomi Wolf article on the topic?
    Have you heard the supposed spitting during the Health Insurance Bailout pageant was a hoax?

    There is certainly real racism, but: why the open encouragement of false-flag operations like the crashtheteaparty.com guy deliberately misspelling signs etc. ?

    I know: let’s all admit we’ve been played (including 9/11) and join forces against the real culprits, not the ignorant person next door?

    They’re drinking your milkshake…

  2. mark Molin

    I have done pyrotechnics for the film industry for the past 25 years .
    This car bomb is not only amateurish but it seems to have been concocted
    for a media explosion. Alarm clocks ,fire works ,propane gas cylinders and garden fertilizer.
    The fertilzer should have been [deleted] and [deleted] with a
    debtonator attached. Even in your wildest dreams this device was never designed to go
    boom. So if that is the case. What was its true purpose?

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