Where is Israel’s self-respect?

Watch this video and pay attention to the victims — one an old man with a long gray beard. Are we supposed to believe that these men “ambushed” Israel’s elite navy commandos?

The narrative here is a familiar one: the plight of a people whose self-image as victims is so deeply internalized that they have lost the capacity to recognize their ability to do harm.

When evil is something that can only be seen as other, human conscience becomes silent and atrophies.

When violence has become the only language one knows how to speak, one has stepped outside the human family.

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5 thoughts on “Where is Israel’s self-respect?

  1. DICKERSON3870

    RE: “Where is Israel’s self-respect?” – Woodward
    MY ‘WORKING HYPOTHESIS’: The Holocaust robbed them of their self-respect.

  2. DICKERSON3870

    RE: “The Holocaust robbed them of their self-respect.” – ME (above)
    ADDENDUM: And acting as an ‘occupier’ has also robbed the Israelis of their self-respect.

  3. Christopher Hoare

    Anything founded upon a lie cannot but bring harm and evil to all involved. The Zionist premise is founded upon the unfounded assumption that ALL the Jews were dispersed from Israel in Roman times and that no one who remained had legitimate claim to ownership. Any study of ethnic cleansing and invasion throughout history reveals that this is a ludicrous assumption. The Palestinians in occupied Palestine are every much descendants of the original inhabitants of Israel as are the Jewish immigrants who have taken over the land since 1948.

    The Israelis have stolen the country from its true owners. What self respect is due to thieves? Every day that goes by gives them more opportunity to steal the land from its rightful owners. They imprison 1.5 million Palestinians in Gaza in abominable conditions with the sole purpose of frightening the owners of the country into leaving.

    The countries and governments who support them are equally culpable in facilitating this theft.

  4. Eugen Ioanid

    As you listen to Israel’s mendacious load of crap on this Memorial Day remember the American dozens of our men in uniform flying the American flag who died helplessly as Israeli jets fired at them to kill on orders from command. When Israel attacked the USS LIBERTY from air, land and sea in 1967 it bit the hand that feeds it. Yet LBJ froze for fear of losing Jewish votes. Draw your own conclusions whence you recall that it was the same murders again killing helpless and unarmed people in the open sea. Are we to now assume that the Mediterranean is their private Kosher lake?

  5. BillVZ

    The old adage ‘respect’ is earned and not given doesn’t apply to Israel. One must consider when you are God’s chosen, you are not only handed title to the Promised Land but hold the right not only to rule over Gaza and the West Bank, and international waters as well.
    When you are God’s chosen respect is never in question; as Marwan Bishara at Al Jazeera points out-‘Israel does whatever it must, and the world (Goyim) can say all they want.
    ‘”The world hates us, no matter what we do. So we may as well go on building [Read: ‘Settling the West Bank and East Jerusalem’] and keep our people safe from terrorist attack. ( Daily Haaretz)

    However there is good news – I found reference to the emergence of a civic ‘international community’ committed to taking action to break the siege of Gaza that comes as a result of the incapacity of the official ‘international community’ to do more than issue UN resolutions and condemnations.
    “Israel’s worst nightmare is becoming a reality. The civic ‘international community’ is organizing much as it did against Apartheid South Africa.”
    Yeah, let it begin!

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