To avert disaster, stop isolating Hamas now

Chris Patten writes in the Financial Times:

As we all know, peace will come to the Middle East when Israel and Palestine agree to a two-state solution, with a viable Palestinian state rising from the rubble of more than 60 years of turbulence to live peacefully alongside Israel within the 1967 borders as modified through negotiation. All that is required is political will, brave leadership and a following wind. However, visitors to Israel and occupied Palestine may require increasing quantities of blind faith to go on repeating this mantra. There is no other acceptable outcome. But the chances of the dynamic external interventions necessary for this to happen seem slight.

In the West Bank you see more construction of large urban developments than I have seen anywhere in Europe (apart from perhaps the southern Andalusia coast before the credit crunch). These are primarily Israeli settlements, the colonies planted illegally in Palestinian territory and now housing about half a million people. There are 149 of these colonies according to the UN’s Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs and there are a further 100 outposts – the smaller “facts on the ground” that are destined to grow.

As the Obama administration has told us there is an “unprecedented freeze” in settlement activity. Who is fooling whom?

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4 thoughts on “To avert disaster, stop isolating Hamas now

  1. scott

    While construction in the West slows to a crawl, the Magreb is growing by leaps and bounds. Turkey is doing fine, while Israel and the West are bleeding out. Northern Africa is out pacing Southern, if not all Europe. We’re about to lose economically and militarily.

  2. Norman

    The settlements going up in the West Bank, being financed by the Jewish community in the U.S. through their donations, which are tax free, should be listed as aid along with the how ever much the U.S.Government extends to Israel. Further, these donations should not be tax free, but taxed at the highest rate allowed by law. Further, every penny that is donated to each Congressperson whether by pac’s, lobbyists, outright direct or indirect donations, should also be taxed as income to the recipients. Further, even though Israel is a so called ally, the people both donating & receiving funds should be required to register with the proper Governmental agency as agents of a Foreign Country. Take the incentive out of this money transfer, will bring quick results, whether a peaceful solution or destruction of the whole.

  3. Ian Arbuckle

    “There is no other acceptable outcome. ”
    Acceptable to whom?

    How about one single non-nuclear, non belligerent democratic state of Israel-Palestine including the “Zionist entity” with Jews and Palestinians living in peace under the law with equal rights?

  4. DE Teodoru


    You don’t “freeze” bank robbing. …Justice is “0” TOLERANCE of armed robbery. In the Palestinian territories it is land, not just money that is stolen. And the people of the United States provide the guns, the getaway cars and the hideouts for these land robbers. All this housing built at expense of US taxpayers await arrivals even though they’re not coming now but are HOPED TO COME SOME DAY; yet, instead, it’s Israelis leaving “Israel,” not coming. Nevertheless, by hook or by crook, the Zionists are determined to achieve the Greater Israel idea symbolized by the flag. And they won’t stop because the Zionists believe that they have the world’s Jews by the nose and that those Jews have the world by the ear. So then why not go for the whole enchilada?

    Here’s THEIR map, not ours, of THEIR Greater Israel:

    With every setback Israel simply pretends it is cutting back its demands. But it retreats not an inch, inching forward instead, building 20 ft. tall walls of concrete to assure its gains, again at US taxpayers’ expense, while moving with settlements ever forward into the Arab lands (even Jordan they insisted belongs to them. It was Ben Gurion who assured a friend in 1947 that they’ll get the same end-point that Jabotinsky wanted, except they’ll do it bit by bit.

    Will they succeed because we live in a Zionist run totalitarian state where none of our leaders had the courage to tell the Zionists: DON’T THREAD ON ME! They attack our freedom of speech, always using the Holocaust as an excuse. Such cynical abuse of a sad and sacred horror from history is criminal. But just as criminal is what is done with critics, be they Jewish or non-Jewish.

    Here’s an example:

    Oliver Stone, a Hollywood figure that fought for his country and put his money, helping the poor, where his mouth is, criticized this Holocaust abuse. In reaction, Heim Saban– WHO HAD SAID THAT YOU MUST BUY: (1) POLITICIANS, (2) MEDIA (3) THINK_TANKS AS AGITPROPS to assure Zionist dominance of America– who did nothing for America except get into tax trouble:

    by trying to deduct from his taxes the millions he spent buying influence in the Democratic Party, acted like a Mafia Don creating a Zionist version of the Hollywood Red Blacklist. Apparently controlling HuffPost, he responded to Stone or anyone who would collaborate with Stone with an out and out threat:

    Note that he seized a public venue to threaten without even stating why he’s threatening Sacks.

    All Americans must choose whether they’ll stand with the Founding Fathers against Saban’s assault on the Constitutional right of Americans to FREE SPEECH.

    And since we can’t pull out of the Middle East, let us remember that criminal growth of Greater Israel while its population is shrinking will only beget more 9/11s.

    Remind your legislators that Zionist money is not what wins them re-election but citizens’ votes and more money doesn’t automatically mean more votes…or does it?

    Prove them wrong, turn your back to Saban and boycott him as he would have you boycott Stone. That will be a shot heard around the world– even in the growing empty Zionist settlements trying to blow up Greater Israel to the two rivers.

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