Lieberman orders a “day after” plan for dealing with a nuclear-armed Iran

Reuters reports:

Hardline Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has commissioned a report on how to prepare for a nuclear-armed Iran as doubt mounts about the efficacy of preventive action, an Israeli source said on Monday.

Publicly, Israel has pledged to deny the Iranians the means to make a bomb but its previous, centrist government also discreetly drew up “day after” contingency plans should Tehran’s uranium enrichment pass the military threshold.

At the time, rightist opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu called for Israel to consider preemptive strikes against its arch-foe’s nuclear sites. Now prime minister, Netanyahu has reined in such rhetoric while not ruling out the use of force.

In a sign the government is examining a full range of options, Lieberman, the most hawkish member of Netanyahu’s coalition, has ordered ministry strategists to draft a paper on “what to do if we wake up and discover the Iranians have a nuclear weapon,” said the senior Israeli political source, who declined to be named due to the sensitivity of the matter.

Considering the fact that Israeli leaders have been sounding the alarm about Iran’s “imminent” acquisition of nuclear weapons for over a decade, it’s a bit late in the day to be working on a “day after” plan. Indeed, it suggests rather strongly that despite warning that another Holocaust might be just around the corner, the leaders of a nation protected by its own arsenal of around 200 nuclear weapons has never been quite as afraid of Iran as they claimed.

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5 thoughts on “Lieberman orders a “day after” plan for dealing with a nuclear-armed Iran

  1. charlie

    If they attacked iran with conventional weapons theywould be painted as the aggressor.
    They would not be sure they got allthe nuclear targets that are buried deep in the ground.
    Iran then could have the perfect excuse to try to get Hezbolaigh, and hamas to attack israel reining down thousands of rockets on their population.
    Iran would block the straits of Hormouz making the price of oil skyrocket and throwing the western nations into economic disaster.
    Israel has never had such a low levelof support with bobby hussein obama as president. Can you imagine Bobby putting the American nuclear missles on alert like Nixon did?
    Bobby obama can;t even call the terrorist that killed 5000 americans terrorists..(they were man made disasters ) How wouldyoulike to have that guy watching your back?
    Of all the critics of israel, none will say Exactly.what they should do different. Their critics are like a bunchof old ladies conplaining about all the mistakes but offering no solutions. Because there are no good solutions.

  2. Christopher Hoare

    I’ll offer a solution, Charlie.
    Israel goes to jail. That’s where criminals belong. That’s where criminals who shoplift belong, and Israel is much, much more than a shoplifter. Israel steals whole countries, whole peoples lives; whole peoples souls.
    Since moving a whole population to jail is impractical, I suggest the jail comes to them. A detention force, drawn from every nation in the United Nations — no abstentions — that oversees every aspect of Israeli life; that strictly keeps the peace for everyone; that supervises the return of the stolen property; that oversees the destruction of the illegal weapons; that prepares for a day, long in the future when Israel gives up its criminal ways and can be paroled to rejoin the world community as a really democratic, egalitarian, and peace-abiding country.

  3. Norman

    Way to go Charlie. Gosh, you read like someone who respects his P.O.T.U.S. Or is it the other way around? Perhaps your one who lives outside the U.S.? You are correct in writing that there are no good solutions, but your lite weight name pegging leaves something to be desired, like maturity.

  4. CompassionateFascist

    The only worry Israel has vis a vis Iran is when our Zionist Occupation Government will get around to doing the dirty work for them. Given the substantial control of both campaign finance and media traction by pro-Israel Jews in America, plus the post-2010 election flood 0f Republicrat neo-cons into both House and Senate, I’d estimate a US attack on Iran around about early- to mid-2012. That’ll cut off most of Japan/China’s oil supplies, resulting in a global dollar-dump, which will finish the US economy. Zero then attempts to rule through Martial Law, PM and gun grab, and Civil War ensues. This is going to be one wild ride.

  5. Michael

    A typically hilarious insight into the pro-Israel mindset…
    Charlie: If they attacked iran with conventional weapons theywould be painted as the aggressor.
    How unfair – Israel attacks and yet somehow it gets “painted” as the aggressor!

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