Police step in to protect young Jewish protesters from Jewish mob violence — in New Orleans

For more details on the protest during Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to the Jewish Federation’s General Assembly in New Orleans yesterday, see the post below.

One of the protesters has now provided her own first hand account of what happened. Although sheriffs were in attendance to provide security for the event, in the end the police needed to protect the protesters from the mob!

Rae Abileah writes:

I stood up and unfurled a pink banner that read, “The settlements betray Jewish values” and in Hebrew: “Justice, justice you shall pursue,” a verse from Deuteronomy. The crowd had grown increasingly hostile with each disruption, and I was instantly attacked from all sides. A man in the row in front of me pulled the El Al seat cover off his chair and tried to gag me with it. Another man came up from the side and grabbed me by the throat. I fell into a pile of chairs until two female sheriffs buoyed me up and hustled me out of the room. The police later confided that they were trying to protect me from the angry mob and get me out of there in one piece.

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6 thoughts on “Police step in to protect young Jewish protesters from Jewish mob violence — in New Orleans

  1. Norman

    I find it very sad, that the Jewish elders here in the United States can’t see the forest from the trees. It’s too bad that they choose to act in such a manner, yet live here, instead of in Israel. One really has to ask why, not just of their actions here, but also why they don’t live in Israel?

  2. Renfro

    I wonder the same thing Norman, why aren’t they living in Israel? Why do they stay here in the US?
    I think the answer is there is no other country they could get away with doing what they do here.

  3. Juandy

    I think the pro Israelis Jewish would rather stay put in America, so that their voices of influence are audible there.

  4. Alvin Balde

    They prefer to stay in America because they know they will be discriminated in Israel. Ultra-Orthodox Jews in Eretz Ysrael look down on American Jews. They think American Jews are not jewish enough!

  5. Christopher Hoare

    These young people show leadership — with enough like them the US and Israel could be returned to justice and sanity.
    What about a 24hr piquet for peace outside the Pentagon and Congress? What about a silent 24hr protest of the poor and unemployed in Wall Street? This latter might eventually show the Tea Partiers who to blame for their anger.
    As for the Zionists in America, the more they have to explain their actions the more chance of them finding their excuses inadequate.

  6. John Somebody

    You think the U.S. is the only place where they could get away, with that ?
    I used to attend a picket outside a zionasty store, in Manchester, England, untill forced off the streets, by zio-thugs. In one attempt to demonstrate, I was punched in the gob, my street exhibition of large,laminated posters, which I used to display, on a framework, of bamboo canes, and Gaffa tape was trashed, my colleagues trestle table, with books and leaflets was also trashed, and the thugs were video’d, discretely kicking people. A passser by, asked a police woman, in a police van, “Aren’t you going to do something about it” ? Her reply was, “I couldn’t care less”. So one of my colleagues collected a camera, and went back to her, asking the same thing. This time, the reply was, “Well they have a right to protest, as well” my friend encouraged her to say more. So she said, ” Well if you still have a complaint, you can complain down at the police station”. Please note: This was while the assault on us, and our property continued and was being observed, by her, and her colleagues. So, my friend encouraged her again, to hear her say, “We were told, during our briefing, before we came out on duty, that while we are down at Marks and Spencer’s ( the zionist store), we do nothing to intervene. Just stand back, and observe”. This was after months of Saturdays, being threatened, air horns, and megaphones pushed up against peoples ears, and screamed into, equipment being stolen, people being accused of being paedophiles, women, (especially Muslim women) being accused of being prostitutes, death threats commonly made ( especially against Jewish members of the picket, one of them, being shouted at, outside his home, and his windows being splatterd with eggs.) We had picketed peacefully, for years, the Nasties never managing to provoke any of us to violence, as we knew the police would use that as an excuse to close us down. Around the same time, a local Neturei Karta activist, accused on the front page, of the local extreme zio-newspaper, ( The “Jewish” Telegraph), of being the, “Rabbi of Shame”, was threatened, and his car torched, for leafletting against Israel. One week, the oppostion had apparently motivated large numbers of “moderate”, racists, to counter demonstrate, against us, by telling lies, about what we were saying. They managed to blockade the whole street, and the store closed their main doors, which we had not managed to make them do, in more than 6 years of protest. One of them was arrested, for violent behaviour. This was around the same time, as demonstrations aginst the 2nd invasion of Iraq, when people were frequently arrested, (I myself, for “walking too slowly”, at the rear of a crowd of 80 + people) No, the U.S. isn’t the only place where zio-thugs can get away with grabbing a woman by the throat. What I was encouraged by, was the absolute willingness, of those thugs, to expose themselves, before awestruck passers by. As the local mini-fuhrer, of those thugs, posed, with one foot, on the pile of my exhibition boards, and a megaphone to his mouth, he announced to the crowd, far larger, than we could have expected to have gathered, by ourselves, “We came down here, on a peaceful demonstration, and this is what we got”.

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