Dark lord, dark victory — America’s dark passage

At Kosmos Journal, Michael Vlahos writes:

The fall of the Soviet Union initiated a new passage of American identity. Then the 9/11 War took us a long way down the road to journey’s end. This passage is also a migration. America has not simply abandoned one collective identity for another; we have become a different people, a different idea.

Our sacrosanct national narrative of ‘redeemer nation’ has been rewritten into a perverse story of a chosen people beleaguered and a civilization beset by barbarism. Those wretched of the earth we once so proudly pledged our sacred honor to succor and lift up are now our forever-foe — to be monitored, held down and, if necessary, hounded to the darkest ends of the earth.

But the darkness has instead come into us. While official banners still trumpet American altruism, our own spoken words, daily spun into the network ether of contemporary human consciousness, betray our true intent.

Our actions even speak so much louder. Daily our implacable national energies destroy yet more little bits of human society, no longer in the name of their salvation, but rather for our sake to defend the homeland. We are the Dark Lord now — the mythic essence of children’s nightmares. This is the story of our descent.

Part one: enemy of change (PDF)

Part two: dark lord, dark victory (PDF)

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7 thoughts on “Dark lord, dark victory — America’s dark passage

  1. Vince J

    As 9/11 is mentioned I urge readers to check the site architects and engineers for 9/11 truth.
    They have indisputable evidence of controlled demolition of the 3 towers of the WTC. They have scientific evidence of nanothermite explosives used to demollish those buildings. They have footage of explosive demollition charges. They are serious and a lot more convincing than the official lies the government uses to justify its military expasions and interventions.
    Check Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth.

  2. Observer.

    America, Americans and their shallow, empty narcissism , backed by an entirely vacuous,unfounded sense of self importance has been a tragedy for the world. The sooner ‘the world’ gets America and Americans off their back, the better for all of us.

    The worst has to be when Americans crow and preen and get bleary eyed about ‘ridding themselves’ of ‘The English’, ‘the occupier’ — the irony never seems to get through to them, that their ‘struggle for independence’ was, in actuality, really just a squabble between land robbers, one bunch of greedy exploitative ‘redneck’ British people from back in the UK — slugging it out with just ANOTHER bunch of ‘redneck’ Europeans ( Germans, Scottish, English, Irish, Dutch etc ) on the American soil, over the dead bodies of the real inhabitants of the land — the native Indians.

    Even the American whine , still much heard, of ‘why do they haaaate us’, is just another form of narcissism. America, bloated, gut heavy, loud mouthed, swaggering and self centred, is STILL at the centre of that narrative.

    And the Americans I meet who are ‘anti American’, even profess to ‘hate the place’ are STILL narcissists — becuase America is STILL at the centre of the narrative, the centre of self importance.

    You can’t get away from it with Americans — A-M-E-R-I-C-A really IS the entire C-O-S-M-O-S via their prism.

  3. Vince J

    Observer, I second that!!!
    North Americans have the miopic view that they are the only “americans”.
    South Americans are desinfranchised of that name… (Read Eduardo Galeano).
    They think they are the whole world and everybody want to be like them… delusional!

  4. John

    ‘Observer’, sorry to say, I consider your little rant to be more than a little condescending — what do you have against Americans by the way?

    I have met more than a few Brits who are resentful about losing their ‘top dog’ status, and they take that out on the Americans.

    Is that your thing too, I wonder, and perhaps Vince feels a little left out also?

    Sorry guys, but I don’t take kindly to the anti American bias of your posts — the US can be a force for good, it really can be. The role of the US has ben much maligned due to Bush et al, but that isn’t the whole story.

  5. Observer.

    John — your words simply confirm the responses I outlined in my earlier post :

    In your post, America is STILL at the centre of the narrative, STILL the ‘good guy’ in the story, and the most important one that has a ‘special mission’, and is a force for good, and anyone who criticises that — well, they must be jealous.

    And it’s all about power isn’t it John — those jealous ‘Brits’ eh? They lost their power and now they are glowering with resentment, and are jealous and seething about America’s power.

    Americans just do not get it — for huge parts of the rest of the world, America is NOT the centre of our cosmos, America is NOT at the centre of our consciousness. In fact, we are trying to do as much as possible to keep America, and all it represents, OUT of our consciousness.

    When are Americans going to get it?

    They’d better bloody hurry up, for the sake of the rest of us, for the sake of humanity.

  6. Observer.

    PS — John, you remind me of an an American man I worked with, who rants non stop and showcases his ‘anti American , anti imperialist’ credentials . He is always challenging US power — Once when he’d had a few too many drinks, I gently told him that most of the rest of the world *already felt that way* about America, and we didn’t need a ‘conscientious’ American to patronise us and teach us about the role of America.

    His response? He got very angry, and ultimately, ended up telling us how much we should appreciate America and beat his chest about America’s world role and superiority …..

    Sorry to employ a cliche here John, but….typical American.

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