Cantor recants

MJ Rosenberg writes:

[Soon-to-be House Majority Leader Eric Cantor] has been an AIPAC cutout since he first was elected to office. He’s been to more AIPAC meetings than he can probably count. And he should have figured out by now that the lobby is extremely careful, obsessively careful, to always emphasize loyalty to the United States while simultaneously endorsing Israeli policies that undermine our foreign policy objectives.

AIPAC officials never, ever, say that when push comes to shove their loyalty is with Israel not the United States. In fact, the accusation that this is the case is the charge AIPAC hates most.

But the soon-to-be Majority Leader came right out and said it: Israel, right or wrong.

It took a few days for Cantor to understand how utterly offensive his statement was. (He might have heard from a few Tea Party types who, say what you will about them, tend to take their patriotism seriously.)

So today Cantor explained he was misunderstood. His inconvenient truth, his gaffe, was replaced by a laughable untruth.

This is how the Washington Post‘s Dana Milbank reports it:

Brad Dayspring, Cantor’s press guy, tells me Cantor’s promise that the Republican majority would “serve as a check on the administration” was “not in relation to U.S./Israel relations.”

Mmmm. So Cantor’s pledge to stand with Netanyahu against Obama was “not in relation to US/Israel relations” despite the context of Cantor’s statement — just before Netanyahu’s meeting with Clinton — and the fact that the person he was talking to was the Prime Minister of Israel.

So, what was Cantor’s pledge “in relation to”?

Was it in relation to either repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” or the Bush tax cuts for millionaires? Maybe it was about farm subsidies.

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3 thoughts on “Cantor recants

  1. Lysander

    Perhaps this is a cause for optimism. As far as I can recall, this would be the first time any US politician had to backtrack, even if its just a centimeter, from a pro-Israel position. Bear in mind the Tea Party sprang from, and started off with, the Ron Paul movement in 2007-8. While it has been co-opted by the pro war pro state rapture-right, its original core of Ron Paul people may still be there. And Israel is not popular at all in those circles.

  2. DE Teodoru

    CHUTZPAH!….That’s all Cantor’s pretended big penis parade sums up to. Cantor’s immature snot-nosed kid’s chutzpah trying to do his “mensch-hood” thing like many such scrawny Jewish kids’ bravado which they feel compelled to flash before Israelis so they can seem like “real mensch” in terms of political power even if they don’t have matching physique. So, like much older immature neocons, Cantor is only trying to impress Netanyahu. It’s reckless behavior…it’s insincere behavior and Netanyahu is too hard boiled to fall for that crap. But it brings up the recklessness of some Jews who forget to which flag they made a pledge on the floor of Congress. Some Israelis deliberately exploit such moments of exuberance, specifically to draw Diaspora Jews into comments and behavior that invokes “Fifth Column” type paranoid anti-Semitism in their fellow “dumb goyim” Americans. This, it is hoped, might frighten American Jews into stampeding to Israel in fear of anti-Zionist backlash. American Jew with “mensch-hood complexes” never appreciated how disgusting have been the comments of the likes of Cantor in attempting to get kudos from the Israel’s Master Race, particularly among veterans forced to fight the neocons’ “World War IV” against Islam. As the Zionists saw the German Jews who wanted Western freedom, not Zionism, no Disaporic Jew is of any good to Israel unless he comes there with all his assets to be fleeced by its government taxman until all that’s left is a bone dry carcass. That’s why *mature* Diasporics don’t listen to the Zionist hasbara so only deem Israel a nice place to visit but not to live, as almost all Diasporics do now. After all, even Israel’s current ambassador to Wash DC maintains Israeli AND American citizenship, just in case. Cantor is a silly scrawny kid whose Zio-bravura is promoting an American Krystalnacht with such statements that only show how immature and that this snot-nosed-kid is not ready for prime time.

    Cantor’s press guy will soon report to his master that, unfortunately, Americans are not all quite the Republican-type “dumb goyim” he expected and will not fall for his re-re-re-re-re-explanation.

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