3 thoughts on “Illan Pappe: Zionism — colonialism, ethnic cleansing and racism

  1. DE Teodoru

    I do not share Pappe’s case for “guilty” that he would impose on the Zionists. Rather, I would argue that they are NOT GUILTY BY REASON OF INSANITY!

    Lest, we forget, Herzl, the “Father of Zionism” was a totally “cosmopolitan” Jew who knew nothing about Judaism and had baptized his son as part of his insistence that all Jews must be saved through baptism as Christians in order to become “normal” Europeans. Later, however, he came to promote the “Jewish State” exclusively for Jews. The goal of Herzl and the Zionists was not “colonization.” Colonialism was the exploitation of a local economy for the wellbeing of the colonizers but, at least in principle, also for the well being of the colonized. Whatever the horrors of colonialism, it is a fact that, for example, France doubled the population of Indochina through the life-saving programs of the Pasteur Institute there. In contrast, since Herzl made his schizoid shift to a “Jewish Homeland,” his goal was to exterminate the current occupants, not to exploit them. In fact, what the Zionists are doing is exactly what the Nazis, whom they so admired into 1940, were doing: killing inferior races to create “lebensraum” for the chosen race of history. When a Vienna rabbinical committee investigated the prospects for a Jewish state in Palestine, these Jewish clergy, driven by the Jewish Ethic, cabled back: THE BRIDE IS BEAUTIFUL BUT SHE IS ALREADY MARRIED! Yet, just as did David when he coveted one of his officer’s wife, the Zionist plan was, from the beginning– as documented by an equally schizoid “historian,” Benny Morris– the “FINAL SOLUTION”: extermination of the native population, NOT colonization, unless one means the term “colonizing” as used in bacteriology where one bacterial colony wipes out and replaces another on an agar plate.

    In a previous comment I provided the URL for an Israeli TV documentary proving that the Zionists are anti-Semites in that they hated the Jewish religion as much as they hated Islam, only, per their materialistic ideology, assuming the “Jewish race” owed by historical determinism its so called “Promised Land.” But Pappe’s quite right about not wanting Arabs, not even Jewish ones, in Israel as the Zionists stole the children of Mizrahi Jews and gave them to Ashkenazi couples from Europe to raise as the Zionists imagined “super Jews” to be.

    Israel is the civilized world’s greatest crime. But I insist that the Zionists are not guilty for reason of insanity, as their behavior and rationale is clearly psychotic. And indeed, the word they use to justify their illogic ideology is “complex,” is typical of a psychotic’s perspective on his illogical reality which he himself can’t understand.

    Lastly, I would insist that being “Jewish” does not mean you are psychotic as most Jews are NOT Zionists. Proof of this is that, no matter how crazy they manifest for Israel, Diaspora Jews are only neurotic in their behavior for they are not so divorced from reality and know well that Israel is a terrible place to live. Despite their knowing “white lies” in support of Zionism ( due to a neurotic guilt feeling for their silence during the Holocaust), by living abroad instead of in Israel, they make it clear that they are not so crazy as to be Zionists and make the Great Aliyah to Israel demanded by Israel of Jews. Note that the Emanuel family, for example, lives here and not in Israel , despite the father’s Afrikaner killer-like talk and the fact that the son was a US Congressman, not a Knesset member.

    Furthermore, being Jewish is not a hereditary disease as very many Israeli Sabras, once they finish their education in Israel’s fine universities, leave for jobs in the West rather than stay and make their future in Israel. Indeed, that seems to also apply to the die-hard “settlers,” for according to a recent poll 30% of them said that if Iran goes nuclear they will immediately leave Israel.

    In the end, what holds Israel together is not an ideology but a FREE LUNCH, paid for by American taxpayers. Cut US aid from Israel and I predict that in 3 months the population will decrease by 80%.

    In conclusion, Zionists are mad men but are only a relatively small proportion of World Jewry when one subtracts all the Jews who think Israel a nice place to visit but would never live there plus all the Israelis desperately seeking to get out plus the settlers who’ll immediately leave once Israel’s nuclear exclusivity ends. And, let’s not forget all those Zionist extremist Israeli officials with an Israeli passport in one pocket and another passport establishing their Western nationality in the other just in case.

    That leaves us to point the finger of GUILTY, not at Israel nor the Jews loyal to their real Diasporic homelands, but at the Western politicians who dance for chump change thrown at they by Diasporic Zionists whose support Israel is measured only in tax-deductible influence peddling, not in hands-on Zionism. Israel, in sum, is insanity because it is based on a pile of mutually contradictory and mutually destructive notions, like matter and anti-matter. Israel has survived this long because it could always deliver instant massive death on its Arab neighbors, keeping the casualties at 100 to 1 in its favor. But now the odds are changing as Arabs are refusing to run. It remains to be seen whether the Zionists will run or will come to their senses to make peace and integrate Israel with their Arab Semitic cousins, helping save the area from our truly oil colonialism.

  2. Observer.

    Fantastic — Pappe is just fantastic. So clear minded — his new ( scholarly ) autobiography is excellent too.

    He says everything that everyone else is afraid of saying for fear of the lobby. But he has paid his price — his autobiography tells the story of death threats from both Ashkenazim and Mizrahim ‘ hit men ‘, anonymous violent letters sent to his family home etc.

    The man looks gentle, but he must have inner courage.

    All respect to Ilan ! His soon to be released book on Arab Jews looks good too.

    Here’s a man with no malice in his heart, and no agenda, who tells the truth.

    Here’s hope too, that with men like Pappe around, perhaps one day, Arabs and Jews can live in peace again, untainted by colonial memories.

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