One thought on “Personal Democracy Forum: A symposium on WikiLeaks and internet freedom

  1. DE Tedooru

    Who the hell are all these people? Why are they talking about Assange this way? He is only a facilitator, period, providing us a screen full of materials (and not very easy for the non-geeks to access). I dealt with such self-sacrificing people, egotists or not, since first getting involved in what I considered the most disgusting thing I even touched: student politics. I was at UC Berkley to do neurophysiology on walking mechanisms of cockroaches with a guy named Wilson and found myself confronting advocates of the thing that wrecked my childhood and destabilized my life with endless nightmares: COMMUNISM. I knew their leaders from the NY Ethical Culture Society a few years before; now they’re in California!

    I was drawn with wonder, wondering: how could these recluse ugly ducklings, all from timid Holocaust obsessed Jewish-Left backgrounds, suddenly expose themselves as leaders risking everything personal for a movement that stood up to the Academic Establishment as both politically and ethnically minoritarians far from home?

    I spend a year as a sleuth trying to grasp their inner social physiology instead of that of roaches. It was partly ugly ducklings trying to get laid and to get noticed but there was a real sense that the repression of the 50s is not what America is all about—ultimately, in other words, they were PATRIOTS!

    And indeed, they– not liberals nor freedom-ists rightists– created MEANINGFUL DIALOGUE. So I took them up on it and created an open microphone and then worked to convince students to responsibly debate at that microphone. As students in an elite place, they developed a collegial competition in search of who’s got the REAL FACTS. The thing was intellectual paradise, not slash and burn. A year later came the anti-intellectual phase II of the Communists: the select Steering Committee of an obligate STUDENT UNION that negotiated for all….all, as in a Red State, where the elite know what’s best. In the next year I observed that the Reds were attacked by their twin sisters, the Liberals, who wanted to dominate the knowledge factory on behalf of LBJ’s lies. The New Left called the Liberals murderers in Vietnam….The Conservatives, on Bill Buckley’s secret advice, called BOTH New Left and Liberals Zionist killers, utterly discombobulating them. The Left—even Jewish ones– got the message and turned on Israel as there was plenty of “imperialism” there to criticize, Jew or not. The liberals became the neocons and went from abandoning Vietnam to strategic weapons, using Communist tactics to ingratiate themselves with the Establishment…well paid indeed!

    Sooo, when Nixon tried to end this endless strategic weapons expenditure on both sides of the Cold War, it was the neocons with their whore Senator Jackson, who became the new loving ally of the Pentagon after it had collapsed in Vietnam. Suddenly, Americans were told that Vietnam failed because irresolute Nixon was trying to make peace with Moscow&Beijing and skimping on strategic weapons. Yet, these same people loved Ceausescu because he spoke nationalism (but in fact because his was the only Red not criticizing Israel),– a harbinger of the topsy-turvy America of later years when we speak of “red states”– while making Romanians slaves of the all-Jewish Liberals’ NY garment industry. Even when Reagan sought the same cut backs on strategic weapons as Nixon BEFORE full commitment to a new type expensive war toys, “Star Wars,” the neocons savaged him too. After all, Reagan was trying to stop Israel from colonizing Lebanon, so he too, like Nixon, must be an “anti-Semite.”

    The circumcised chameleons did their thing backed by $millions from aerospace industries and Zionist billionaires, creating paper front groups as instructed to do by Lenin and polarizing people in order to mobilize them. To avoid a catastrophe as Poppy Bush they elected dumb baby Bush and led him into horrible wars against an enemy of no one but Israel’s desire to dominate the Middle East. Their “meshch-hood” would be establishing in history as they alone, a handful of puny little old Zionists (who never really supported Israel before 1967) tried to turn the US into Israel’s mad dog on a chain.

    Seymour Hersh, a product of the Jewish Ethic in its materialistic social form, found that Gov. officials talked out their outrage, after a few drinks, quite freely about neocon controlled America during the Bush-it years. He took on the jingoistic media that spread the good news about the super-power-still, acting out of its sudden dire economic condition. Working outside the media’s “Jewish Network” (as the boy/girl relationship of Miller&Libby infected the media with a Zionist hasbara schema of support Israel’s expansion or the big bad Arab wolf will blow your house down) he exposed the neocons war mongers for cash with secrets provided him by hundreds of outraged Establishmentarians AT POLICY LEVEL. Suddenly, the “leak-proof” Bush Ship of State sprang leaks galore. It’s been an endless run of leakdamage control liesleaksdamage control lies….on and on. But hey, Americans didn’t care; 9/11 was very dramatic and since “it ain’t my kid going to war,” why not keep hammering at them “dirty Arab Towel Heads”—after all, there might be cheap oil in it too….now that everyone is no one unless he/she’s driving an SUV, oil is a real issue!!!

    Before you see a Jewish conspiracy here, let me remind you that Izicoff, Corn…..the many journalists who made it impossible for people to call Hersh a “nut job,” were all Jews. Most Jews– Israeli interests at issue or not—as AMERICANS, thought our so-called War on Terror a crime.

    Obama got elected because America was in economic meltdown, not because the “ain’t my kid going to war types” suddenly cared for our mom&dad soldiers. And so, the War on Terror in all its parts went on. The incompetent SURGEon Petraeus who botched the Iraq SURGEry insisted that he had a right to impose his COIN SURGEry on the Afghans, no matter how they feel, because his reputation as a SURGEon was at stake. Meanwhile, Obama, TOTALLY INTIMIDATED by the WHITE Pentagon brass caved in a he caved in to the WHITE bankers, convinced that he must GO ALONG TO GET ALONG with the WHITE Republicans.

    Assange is different from Hersh only in that whoever leaked to him did not say: “you can look at these documents off the record but you can’t take notes of quote them,” copied a massive dumb of lower level tactical garbage and gave it all to him lock-stock-and-barrel. Why?

    Before Obama, Hersh was given the evidence of the strategic imbecility AT THE TOP of the Three Stooges, Bush/Rumsfeld/Cheney, while the Pentagon brass were mere “star whores” who “yes sir”-ed Rummy as parrots on his shoulder. Hersh demonstrated what imbeciles make policy and “star whores” carry them out without quitting on principle. But someone realized that Obama is so weak and scared of the DoD and DoS bureaucracies that he wouldn’t ever impose any policy on them, instead going along to get along. Woodward more than proved that in his latest book. And so the real issue was to show what a bunch of pin heads are the DoD/DoS bureaucrats at every level—who are there no matter who’s president– with their heads swelled because the boss is shivering scared of them. And so, ONLY LOWER LEVEL TRAFFIC by the bushels was given Assange.

    Assange did nothing but put it out there for us to judge as the EMPLOYERS of OUR rotten Wash DC bureaucrats acting IN OUR NAME! AttGenHolder guessed right: we’d be more angry with the messenger for telling us that the whole GOV machine is rotten in its permanent parts. If your mechanic tells you that your car needs a new master computer, you sigh, and say “go ahead, fix it.” But if he tells you that your whole engine needs replacement, immediately you’ll think that he’s a crook trying to rip you off. And so, people hate Assange because, he didn’t use a condom when the real reason is that he gave us the bad news, acting the garage clerk, not the mechanic.

    As the crisis unfolds, the neocons are trying to play as the Republican teabaggers feigning outrage. For they know that if they don’t focus public hate on the messenger of bad war news, people are going to ask, in these economic bad times, “HOW COME WE CAN’T EXTEND UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE BUT GIVE ISRAEL—A NATION OF ONLY FIVE MILLION, CLAIMING TO BE BOOMING ECONOMICALLY– $10 BILLION A YEAR AS FREE AID?”

    These panels of experts on nothing in the video—geeks who probably rarely get laid and sublimate by blogging—are each given seven minutes for MONOLOGUE and then the audience is given 2-3 minutes each for counter-MONOLOGUE as reward for showing up and staying through all the blah-blah-blah. Where’s the MEANINGFUL DIALOGUE between them all—back and forth, over and over again– through which the dumb panelists and the dumb audience, bit by bit, make each other wise achieving eventually an action consensus?

    So, what the New Left gave us in the 60s, the Old Left disguised as Liberal Democrats took away from us and now STILL takes away, this time disguised as Conservative Republicans. Meanwhile only a bunch of keyboard potatoes are taking them on from make-shift monologue podiums that few hear, not from the public square where the “demos” meet and responsibly debate until they reach majoritarian consensus. They are everything that Bush was, that Clinton was too and that, alas, Obama is now: me-ists seeking corporate sponsors. There ain’t no WE-ists left as in the 60s. Obama-type compromise is accord between me-ists (I rub your back, you rub mine); dialogue, on the other hand, is debate striving towards a solution on the brave assumption that there is a solution and that we are capable of finding it once we see the problem clearly through MEANINGFUL DIALOGUE!

    AS the New Left used to say before computers: THIS IS BULL SHIT!!!!

    We want meaningful dialogue again, not “comment” here and “comment” there in monologue. That only produces polarization…which is exactly what Lenin taught the neocons to create in order to mobilize the “lumpen masses.” We are social animals with big amygdaloid nuclei within our cerebral cortices specifically so that we can do what no other animal can do: REASON TO CONSENCUS THROUGH MEANINGFUL DIALOGUE, not get rich through blogging!!!!

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