Australia does not see Iran as “rogue state”; fears Israel could trigger nuclear war

Australia’s The Age, reports

Australia’s intelligence agencies fear that Israel may launch military strikes against Iran and Tehran’s pursuit of nuclear capabilities could draw the US and Australia into a potential nuclear war in the Middle East.

Australia’s peak intelligence agency has also privately undercut the hardline stance towards Tehran of the US, Israeli and Australian governments, saying its nuclear program is intended to deter attack and it is a mistake to regard Iran as a rogue state.

The warnings about the dangers of nuclear conflict in the Middle East are given in a secret US embassy cable obtained by WikiLeaks and provided exclusively to The Age. They reflect views obtained by US intelligence liaison officers in Canberra from Australian intelligence agencies.

”The AIC’s [Australian intelligence community’s] leading concerns with respect to Iran’s nuclear ambitions centre on understanding the time frame of a possible weapons capability, and working with the United States to prevent Israel from independently launching unco-ordinated military strikes against Iran,” the US embassy in Canberra reported to Washington in March last year.

”They are immediately concerned that Iran’s pursuit of nuclear capabilities would lead to a conventional war – or even nuclear exchange – in the Middle East involving the United States that would draw Australia into a conflict.”

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6 thoughts on “Australia does not see Iran as “rogue state”; fears Israel could trigger nuclear war

  1. Vince J.

    No wander the US wants to close Wikileaks up…

    Trust is not something that will never be associated with the image of the US or Israel ever again!

  2. Vince J.

    This is from Truthdig and if you cherish democracy and freedom it is a must!

    “No Act of Rebellion Is Wasted” By Chris Hedges.

    “Go to Lafayette Park, in front of the White House, at 10 a.m. Dec. 16. Join dozens of military veterans, myself, Daniel Ellsberg, Medea Benjamin, Ray McGovern, Dr. Margaret Flowers and many others who will make visible a hope the corporate state does not want you to see, hear or participate in.”

  3. Renfro

    I think most of us fear the Israelis will attack Iran also for good reason.
    Bush I’s refusal to allow Israel to attack Iran or for the US to do so not withstanding, things have changed. And his decision was mostly likely based at least in part on our situation in Iraq at the time.
    Now Obama’s wishy washy handling of Israel has contributed to Israel’s even more blatant and hubris attitude about their control of the US congress and Obama himself.
    To be trite about it, Israel is a garden variety bully. Bullies keep bullying until they are stopped.
    I don’t see anyone stopping them.
    All I see is US politicans playing into their hands with constant pandering memes about Israeli security.

  4. seamus o'bannion

    I disagree that our president’s handling of Israel is “wishy-washy.” His head is, and will remain, securely up Netanyou’s a$$.

    I think it should be illegal for any group to lobby the US government on behalf of a foreign power (Oh, it already is?); if American Zionists are concerned about Israel, let them send money directly to Israel and not to Washington. Israelis should die for Israelis. Let American kids go to war when we get invaded by Canada.


  5. Norman

    Wouldn’t it be rather strange if the aeroplanes were headed to bomb Iran, but the hackers succeeded in hacking the GPS & the coordinates turned out to be Israel instead? Gosh, the Middle East problem would be eliminated in a flash or two. Yes, there would be innocents to pay for the folly of their fathers, but, haven’t the rest of the free {?} World also pain in blood? Perhaps, Israeli leaders should start giving this thought more time, before the bombs drop.

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