Israel takes urgent action to counter Palestine’s rising diplomatic status

Haaretz reports:

After reports reached Jerusalem that the Palestinian Authority is trying to persuade about a dozen European Union member states to upgrade the PA’s diplomatic status, the Foreign Ministry on Monday ordered every Israeli envoy abroad to begin “urgent” diplomatic activity. The aim is to thwart Palestinian efforts at drafting a United Nations resolution that would recognize a unilateral declaration of statehood and put international pressure on Israel to halt settlement construction.

Acting Foreign Ministry Director General Rafael Barak sent a classified cable to Israeli charges d’affairs, in which he called for an immediate public relations campaign at the bureaus of the premiers, foreign ministers and parliament in each country.

The PA is in the midst of three diplomatic activities aimed at the international community, Barak wrote in the cable: advancing a UN Security Council resolution condemning settlement construction, securing international recognition of a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders, and improving the diplomatic stance of Palestinian representatives in Europe, East Asia and Latin America.

Israeli officials expect Ecuador to shortly announce it is joining Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Bolivia in recognizing a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders. Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon called his counterparts in Mexico and Chile in the past few days and asked them not to make a similar move. He also asked senior officials in the Obama Administration to support Israel’s stance in Central and South America.

Akiva Eldar writes:

Attaining a permanent settlement with the Palestinians appears to be about as likely as the opening of an Iranian embassy in “united” Jerusalem. Almost no day goes by without some other country recognizing a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders. According to the WikiLeaks documents, even the Germans, Israel’s steadfast supporters in Europe, have lost their faith in the peaceful intentions of Benjamin Netanyahu’s government. Even loyal partner Ehud Barak and Nobel Peace laureate Shimon Peres have ceased to praise the “new Bibi.”

There is even the hope that the Labor ministers – who constitute the shriveled fig leaf of the prime minister – have discovered the emotion called shame and the option called opposition.

And then, just when it seemed that the deterioration in Israel’s international standing and the cracks at home would open the eyes of the Israeli public, the Jewish-American Superman soars in the skies over the Capital Hill.

He shows the Jewish-Israelis that there is no need to be frightened by the U.S. president, that there is no need to be unnerved by the Europeans and that the United Nations remains insignificant.

The Superman (or woman) strikes a winning blow against the claim of the “defeatists” that it is impossible to conduct negotiations over a piece of land while building on it at the same time. This figure proves that Israel can block U.S. efforts to advance negotiations toward the establishment of a Palestinian state, and then block the efforts of the international community to recognize such state. Our current Superman sells the illusion that the Jewish and Democratic state can exists indefinitely in the Middle East without bringing the violent conflict to an end.

This Superman is the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Howard Berman.

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7 thoughts on “Israel takes urgent action to counter Palestine’s rising diplomatic status

  1. Renfro

    Unfortunately this isn’t new, just like none of the Cantor, Schumer, Ackerman efforts for Israel aren’t new.
    I have racked my brain for years now trying to figure out why on earth Americans aren’t up in arms over what these agents for a foreign country do in the US congress.
    I don’t understand it.
    Is it because enough Americans don’t know or understand the subversion of the fundementals of our government and country?
    I remember reading Hoyer’s speech to AIPAC several years ago. In it he was talking about congressional visits to Israel and said it was “imperative” that new congresspeople and senators understood their “duty to support Israel.”

    Imagine if in Spain or Greece, France, any country, their leaders openly demanded the government and people swear their loyalty to the US.
    Are we the only country in the grip of this madness?

  2. Gracie Fr

    The fact that the United States has vowed to be a staunch protector of Israeli interests ad infinitum and overwhelmingly shares the view of the Jewish State with regard to the Muslim world, makes for a binding partnership. Such a marriage of shared interests has fostered a remarkable technological collaboration as well; from military tactics to innovations in the public sphere, to private surveillance. As far as the “Military-Industrial complex is concerned the War on Terror has proved to be nothing short of divine intervention, something against which us common mortals have recourse for a very limited time. But then again, how many people dare protest the overreach of any state vowing to keep its citizens safe. Before we know it, it will be too late.

  3. rosemerry

    No you are not the only one, but your voting system makes it too easy for “Reps” to be beholden to AIPAC and other lobbies, plus of course the Pentagon with arms built in every State, providing jobs. Here in France I think the gov’t is too pro-american and pro-NATO. How can anyone pretend the USA is protecting us from our “enemies”? The pro-Israel bias is more nuanced, and the Muslims in France outnumber Jews ten to one, but a recent high-profile courtcase is instructive. A gang abducted, tortured and killed (when no ransom was given) a young Jewish man, and 17 members were condemned, the leader to the maximum penalty. The court was ordered by the Attorney General to give heavier sentences because it was an anti-semitic crime, therefore much more serious than any normal crime, and 7 of the gang had much heavier sentences handed down. Equality under the law in the land of human rights?

  4. dickerson3870

    RE: “the Jewish-American Superman soars in the skies over the Capital Hill…strikes a winning blow against the claim of the “defeatists” that it is impossible to conduct negotiations over a piece of land while building on it at the same time…” – Akiva Eldar
    MY COMMENT: Sitting Congressmen and Senators have so much access to corporate money that the majority of them can get by without the contributions from hard-line pro-Israel PACs.
    What they fear is being targeted by the pro-Israel forces who can recruit a challenger and easily fund him/her with contributions from donors all across the country. The AIPAC engineered defeat of Sen. Chuck Percy (R-IL) in 1984 because he had dared to cross AIPAC by supporting the Reagan administration’s sale of AWACS (flying radar stations) to Saudi Arabia, was a shot heard all around Capitol Hill. There have been several other such “targeted assassinations” carried out by AIPAC since that time.
    Senators/Congressmen likewise fear the NRA and numerous other “special interest” groups/lobbies for pretty much the same reason.
    US/Saudi AWACS Sale
    ALSO SEE: What slapdash H.R. 1765 reveals about the lobby and public awareness ~ by Sama Adnan, Mondoweiss, 12/19/10
    Link –

  5. Norman

    Renfro, We are the country that is bought & paid for by the Jewish Mafia.

    Gracia Fr, We still have time, but it’s running short.

    rosemerry, With the S.C.O.T.U.S. handing down decrees that effect all the country’s people, it’s no wonder that this is resembling the same court that ceeded control to Hitler.

    The question that needs to be asked & answered; are all the Countries of the World going to kowtow to the Israeli’s, therefore giving credence that Israel is the chosen race, which is what the NAZI’S considered themselves as “The Master Race”. So much for the allusion of the “Holocaust”. The “anti-Semitic” being thrown down every time the Israeli’s don’t like being challenged about the abuses they do towards others, is passe today, only they don’t know it. Time the World moved on from the Israeli meme.

  6. BillVZ


    I don’t understand it.I have racked my brain for years….

    “If you knew everything we know, you’d think the way we do.”

    Of course the US congress ,the Obama administration and Obama-himself see that perfectly:

    Our countries and our peoples are bound together by our shared values of freedom, equality, democracy, the right to live free from fear, and our common aspirations for a future of peace, security and prosperity;

    Americans honor Israel as a homeland for a people too long oppressed and a democracy that has had to defend itself at every turn, a dream nurtured for generations and made real by men and women who refused to bow to the toughest of odds;

    In Israel’s story, we see our own. We see, in fact, the story of all people who struggle for freedom and the right to chart their own destinies;

    Most Israelis sincerely believe they are God’s Chosen People whereas most Americans, more humbly, believe they are superior to all others and have a Manifest Destiny to lead the world.;

    “it’s not what we do but who we are”- we are the people of Israel, we came by a miracle to the land of Israel, God returned us to that land.

    “Are we the only country in the grip of this madness?”-apparently so Renfro.I can think of no other nation that supports/funds Israeli occupation and aggression, allows an organization like AIPAC to dictate policy that is the best for the interest of Israel while both they and their lackey U.S. bully and intimidate Iran and any to any nation that disagrees.

  7. Christopher Hoare

    So Israeli diplomats are to show the goyim the true light and persuade them not to recognize the Palestinians as worthy of a state. But one question. Are these the same people to be persuaded not the ones Israel also threatens with a nuclear holocaust if by some chance the world decides to stand aside and let justice take place by handing back ALL the land they have stolen from the Palestinians?
    Nations that hold a nuclear tripwire over everyone’s head are hardly the ones to be accorded favoured nation status — except by the US.

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