WikiLeaks to show Israel role in Hamas murder

Gulf News reports:

The founder of WikiLeaks has said leaked US diplomatic cables, to be released soon, will prove that the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad was involved in the murder of Hamas commander Mahmoud Al Mabhouh in Dubai last January.

The statement by Julian Assange in an interview with Al Jazeera on Wednesday, proves what the Dubai Police have been saying all along, police chief Lt Gen Dahi Khalfan Tamim told Gulf News Thursday.

“The documents will surely prove to those who doubted us,” Lt Gen Dahi said, “but I still believe that some people will still deny the fact, despite the leaked documents.”

Assange said his website is due to release 3,700 more files related to Israel particularly dealing with the Al Mabhouh assassination in Dubai and the second Lebanon war.

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3 thoughts on “WikiLeaks to show Israel role in Hamas murder

  1. Observer.

    Agreed — we know that. Who on earth DIDN’T know that?

    That is my main concern with wikileaks thus far — I wonder when they are going to release lots of leaks we DIDN’T know about. Or — is it that the press are already acting as gatekeepers with leaked information?

    Russia is virtually a mafia state — we KNEW that.

    Kim Jong Il is a pain in the a___se to his neigbors — we KNEW that.

    Berlusconi has gangstar connections — we KNEW that.

    The occupation of Iraq is a bungled operation and corrupt from top to bottom — we KNEW that.

    and now…..Mossad planned the Dubai hit…..duh, I’d never thought of that…..are you SURE they did it? I mean….

    Can anyone tell me about some really NEW information that wikileaks has told us?

    I am not underplaying its significance. Indeed, much of the information regarding Iraq and Afganistan seems obvious of course,but I am sure crucial; I don’t undervalue that — but I do think there is a distinct danger of overplaying what wikileaks has leaked besides that, especially when we haven’t learnt much new from it thus far.

    Go on then — I challenge any readers of WAR IN CONTEXT to give me a list of crucial vital new and urgently important information that Wiki has told us.

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