Israel’s central role in ‘the new Cold War’

Even if Britain has yet to enact promised changes to the law in order to protect Israeli war criminals from facing the risk of arrest while visiting the UK, it would appear that some form of understanding is already in place so that Tamir Pardo, the new head of Mossad, will be able to visit in January.

An outline of some of the key issues on Pardo’s agenda when he meets Britain’s intelligence chiefs reveals the depth of Mossad’s operations across the Middle East. It also reveals that Israel sees itself having a pivotal role in what Pardo is branding “the new Cold War” between Russia and the West.

The Daily Telegraph reports:

[Pardo] is expected to brief officials on Mossad’s plans to provide Britain and Nato with increased intelligence over Iran’s nuclear weapons programme. Mossad has a network of undercover agents in the country.

He also intends to increase Mossad’s role in Yemen and to spearhead the hunt for al-Qaeda’s new chief of military operations, Saif al-Adel, who Mossad believe is based in Somalia.

At the same time he wants to expand Mossad’s watch over the SVR, Russia’s foreign intelligence service, which is an increasing presence in Syria and Turkey – and is using both countries as launch pads from which to enter Europe. In his first briefing to senior staff after he took up his new post, Mr Pardo said Mossad had a key role to play in helping the West win what he called “the new Cold War”.

With Mossad conducting operations in Iran, Yemen and Somalia, Israel sees itself as an indispensable partner with the United States in the enduring global conflict through which each nation now defines its identity and upon which each has become economically dependent. No two nations on the planet are more threatened by the possibility of peace.

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5 thoughts on “Israel’s central role in ‘the new Cold War’

  1. blowback

    More Mossad propaganda. The only “agents” that Israel has in Iran are that bunch of terrorists a.k.a MEK.

  2. Norman

    The only two nations more threatened by the possibility of peace. Economically dependent. I wonder what Israel will do when the U.S. ceases to funnel $$$$’s to them, support with weapons, remove the umbrella of military might? The last excursion into Lebanon, proved one thing, as the U.S. did in Iraq from the early 90’s up to the invasion in 03, they bombed every bit of infrastructure from the air, but didn’t do so good on the ground. This should have been, and maybe was, a wake up call, that the invincible Israeli’s were anything but. They had been drinking their own koolaid far to long. This sounds like posturing, that a new cold war with Russia is in place. It reads more of desperation, then what it may be. The handwriting is on the wall, only a matter of time before the U.S. pulls out entirely, sooner than later, before the money runs out and then it will be like Saigon, only on a middle east basis. More of the Israeli B.S. trying to snare the U.S. into doing its dirty work.

  3. DE Teodoru

    Please recall that in testimony on why the US so misjudged Saddam’s WMDs, DCI Tenet said because we relied too much on a third country. A former Israeli Mossad chief in STRATEGIC ASSESSMENT explained that that deceptive third country was Israel.

    Besides, Mossad is more a liar than an infiltrator, one that always assumes it can pull one over on us “dumb goyim” without effort. There’s a lot that, if someone leaked it to Wilileaks could once and for all show who’s dumb in intelligence….that’s why Mossad has to assassinate so many people– COVER UP!!!

    Remember our victims on the USS Liberty from IDF attack. With friends like that who needs enemies?

  4. Christopher Hoare

    Yes, the Israelis are beginning to show desperation — the Palestinians are getting closer to having a state recognized by the world that will have the legitimacy to demand its rights from Israel.

    Of course Mossad would attempt to drum up the old lies that served them so well during the time of the Soviet Union. Their new lies are not convincing people. If the Brits believe anything Pardo tells them they’re stupider than the fools who fell for Iraqi WMDs.

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