One thought on “The WikiLeaks documentary

  1. Norman

    This video should be played over & over in the U.S.A. as well as the known world. It shows the contempt that this government has sunk to and how the military personnel think. What should also be stressed, is the fact that over 1 1/2 million veterans have served in the wars, that untold numbers have been discharged from the military, are now residing here in the U.S., with the number unknown who are unemployed, homeless, without their benefits, potential employers afraid to hire them out of fear they might react in some violent way. The lies that were told the ones who had jobs before going off to war, now can’t rejoin because the companies hired someone in their place. The Country has let them down, continues to do so as so much cannon fodder. I’d be very worried that these same ex-military members, who served in combat, not just 1 time, but several, what their state of mind might be today. There aren’t enough police, F.B.I., Marshals, to protect against these veterans & who ever they team up with if the situation turns violent here at home. All those dilettantes who sit in Washington, both in congress & the think tanks, are in deep denial, having drank their own koolaid all these years that all’s well on the home front, while they continue their stupid partisan ways.

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