Most Palestinian prisoners held by Israel are denied access to an attorney

Amira Hass reports:

As many as 90 percent of Palestinian prisoners being interrogated by the Shin Bet security service are prevented from consulting with an attorney, even though civilian and military legislation state clearly that such prohibition should be rarely applied, according to a report published by the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel and the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society.

The Shin Bet says it has legal clearance to keep certain detainees from lawyers.

According to Dr. Maya Rosenfeld, the author of the study, during prolonged periods when prisoners are kept from meeting with lawyers, the Shin Bet utilizes interrogation methods that run contrary to international law, Israeli laws and Israeli commitments to avoid such methods.

Among these interrogation methods are tying prisoners for a long time to a chair with their hands behind the back, sleep deprivation, threats (usually of harming family members ), humiliation and being kept for long periods in unsanitary cells.

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One thought on “Most Palestinian prisoners held by Israel are denied access to an attorney

  1. Norman

    So, the Israeli”s & the U.S. have the same venue going as to how they treat anyone they consider not going along with the present thinking that they are the chosen ones! Not too surprising, I think. As to exposing the sameness here in the U.S., it’s a tuff slog to use a phrase commonly thrown about. The difference is that the U.S. uses rendition, though in certain cases, the acts are used in this country. On day, the population of the U.S. will wake up to the fact that they are being used-yes used-by the the present leaders of Israel. I might also ask, does Senator Lieberman the independent have duel citizenship now that he’s married to an Israeli? If he does, then wouldn’t preclude him from serving in the Senate? Just a thought.

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