Why Netanyahu deserves to be man of the year

Dimi Reider writes:

Benjamin Netanyahu is not only one of the people who made 2010 what it was, but also one of the best prime ministers progressives ever had. To wit: The man has done more damage to the self destructive myth of Israeli exceptionalism than any leftist leader or thinker to date.

For years, progressives in the US tried to wean their country of its belief that Israel can do no wrong, and progressives in the rest of the world tried to persuade their leaders the US was too infatuated with its hysterical little ally ever to apply any of the pressure necessary to achieve progress on any front in the Middle East.

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One thought on “Why Netanyahu deserves to be man of the year

  1. dickerson3870

    RE: “Why Netanyahu is my man of the year.” – Dimi Reider
    MY QUESTION: Yes, but what year? 1938, like Netanyahu claims? Or 1933, like some of the rest of us fear?

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